About Cryptorum

Cryptorum is a cryptocurrency forum for people to discuss and better understand the world of cryptocoins and blockchains.

Why was Cryptorum started?

I was introduced to Bitcoin and Ethereum through a friend, and I went down the rabbit hole of researching and reading articles to better understand this new technology. While I was waiting for my Coinbase account to be approved and funded, my friend told me about Poloniex, and we spent the weekend on our laptops reading graphs and trying to understand the market.

Over time, I found myself researching the technology behind blockchains. I experienced my first hard fork, resulting in Ethereum Classic. I started spending more time learning about altcoins, starting with Dash and Monero.

As I become passionate about cryptocoins, I began telling others. Some ask questions, and some have a glazed look in their eyes. For those who want to know more, I ended up being their source of help, and I was learning just as much as they were.

I tend to always have multiple conversations going on about various cryptocoin subjects. In many ways, we learn together through sharing information and having long discussions. And when something notable occurs in the world of cryptocurrency, we engage in longer conversation as we digest the news.

More recently, I've been spending time with friends researching different altcoins, as we try to understand their individual utility. This usually brings more questions than answers. And through this journey, the idea came about to start a community.

What's the vision of Cryptorum?

I want to build an open community that is centered around all cryptocoins, instead of just one specific currency.

I want to share information and topics about cryptocurrency in an easy to understand format. And this information should be approachable by anyone and everyone, regardless of their experience level.