Krown's Crypto Cave - CME Futures
Shows the Commitment of Traders for Bitcoin CME Futures
  • Blue Line - Net Positions of Institutional Traders on CME for Bitcoin Future Contracts
  • Purple Line - Net Positions of Professional Traders on CME for Bitcoin Future Contracts
  • Yellow Line - Net Positions of Retail Traders on CME for Bitcoin Future Contracts
  • Midline Line - Intersection between Net Long and Net Short.
    • Above the Midline implies Net Long
    • Below the Midline implies Net Short

This indicator has many interpretations. Here are a few examples to give value to your overall trading strategy:
  1. Divergence: When Institutional Trader positions begin to divergence against price action, it can be a signal of increasing/decreasing momentum. In the case of Price Action, creating a new high alongside lower highs in Net Institutional Trader positions (assuming the later was net long), then it can be taken as a potential warning signal of Institutional Traders taking profit and a possible pullback coming.
  2. Interplay Between Institutional/Professional/Retail Traders: When Net Institutional Trader Positions cross over Net Retailer positions, it may be looked as a change in behavior and an early warning signal of a change in direction.
  3. Absolute Value: This may be less useful on its own, however there is some value in awareness of the absolute value of net positions for any of the 3 lines in relation to their history for potentially identifying changes of behavior.

Additional Notes
This indicator will not show hedged positions on other exchanges that traders may have. If an Institutional Trader is net short on CME, but spot long or hedged long on derivatives contract on a different exchange, then that will not be shown on the indicator, thus making it an incomplete source of data.