1. Alexandrd7

    Distribution of NFT and tokens for testing the EYWA protocol from the eywa.fi project

    The EYWA project awards NFT and project tokens for participating in cross-chain protocol testing. Registration in the EYWA Telegram bot - https://t.me/EYWA_protocol_bot?start=776434220 . Alpha testing of the EYWA cross-chain protocol has started. Its members will receive rewards in the form of...
  2. Maximus

    News BNBconnect airdrop just a few steps and you already have 10$, what are you waiting for

    BNBConnect announces officially BNBConnect DeFi Airdrop starting to launch to BSC Community! BNBConnect will distribute Airdrop with the total of reward $1,000,000 to the BNBC Community. Join Airdrop and Earn Instant Reward! https://bit.ly/BNBConnectAirdrop ------ Complete all following tasks...