1. Alexandrd7

    Airdrop of 1000 SOL tokens (~10$) and 500 SOL for a referral from the Solana Farm project + IDO

    Project "Solana Farm" - The first BSC token available for staking for Solana, carries out an airdrop of SOL tokens. For participation you can earn: Up to 1000 SOL (~10$), for 1 referral: 500 SOL (~5$). Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot -...
  2. B


    DESO stands for "Decentralized Social" - is the native coin of a decentralized social network, which is similar to twitter but runs on blockchain. It allows users to post their social content on the blockchain and also speculate buy/sell creator coins, which allows creators to monetize their...
  3. Alexandrd7

    Airdrop of 100 million METAMUSK tokens (~50$) of a new cryptocurrency to support Elon Musk

    The company "MUSK METAVERSE" - a new cryptocurrency to support Elon Musk and his great projects, carries out an airdrop of METAMUSK tokens. For participation, you can earn : 100 million METAMUSK (~50$), for 1 referral : 40 million METAMUSK (~20$). Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram...
  4. MrEasteregg

    Introducing Lunariz (LNRZ) NFT Initial Minting Rewards!

    Initial Minting Rewards is the first distribution of the Lunariz Token (LNRZ). Get a unique NFT for a limited time only and receive LNRZ. The LNRZ amount vary depending on the Phase you mint in. People Minting an NFT in the IMR will also be signged up for automaticity be airdropped in each...
  5. Alexandrd7

    Airdrop of ECO tokens from the new generation Ecoball blockchain

    The "Ecoball" project is a fast, decentralized blockchain of a new generation, which carries out an airdrop of ECO tokens. For participation, you can earn : 50 ECO, for 1 referral : 10 ECO. Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot - All...
  6. Alexandrd7

    A huge airdrop of 100.000 EXL tokens from the Exilon project

    The "Exilon" ecosystem - combining the DeFi marketplace and online gaming - is hosting an epic EXL token airdrop. Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot - All participants will receive an airdrop. !!! The airdrop ends on November 17th...
  7. Alexandrd7 giveaway of 200 MON tokens

    The game project conducts an airdrop WITH MANDATORY RECEIPT FOR PARTICIPANTS - 200 MON (~20$). Monsterisland has an excellent referral system, for 1 referral you get - 100 MON (~10$). Airdrop link -
  8. Alexandrd7

    Airdrop 60 CAF tokens (~96$) + 15 CAF per referral by CarsAutoFinance

    Company "CarsAutoFinance" - The world's first cryptocurrency and decentralized car finance platform, airdrops CAF tokens. For participation, you can earn : 60 CAF (~96$), for one referral : 15 CAF (~24$). Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot -...
  9. Alexandrd7

    Airdrop of 40 SPACE tokens (~80$) from the SupreSpace metaverse

    The company "SupreSpace" - the world's first metaverse application based on blockchain technology, the DeFi model and the NFT cryptocurrency, is conducting an airdrop of SPACE tokens. For participation, you can earn: 40 SPACE (~80$), for 1 referral: 10 SPACE (~20$). Passing the airdrop in the...
  10. Alexandrd7

    Airdrop of MUFC tokens from Manchester United fans + IDO

    The Manchester United Fan Community ( hosts an airdrop campaign for MUFC tokens. For participation in the distribution, you can earn : 10000 MUFC, and for 1 referral : 5000 MUFC. Passing the airdrop through the Telegram bot -...
  11. C

    News YearnNFT Finance Has Introduced Its Registration and Referral Bounty Program

    Today, let’s talk about a new emerging crypto art and collectible project called YearnNFT Finance ( This project intends to become the world’s leading digital marketplace for governed cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens alike. As we all are aware of NFTs as...
  12. Alexandrd7

    Interesting airdrop of MUSK tokens (~30$) by MuskSwap

    The MuskSwap ecosystem ( - a cryptocurrency to support Elon Musk, is conducting an interesting airdrop of MUSK tokens. For participation, you can earn - 25 million MUSK (~30$), for 1 referral - 5 million MUSK (~6$). Passing the airdrop through the Telegram bot -...
  13. alonsoMargulis

    Airdrop 100,000 AIPCP Token from a Agencia Independiente de Protección de Capital Privado, Venezuela

    Agencia Independiente de Protección de Capital Privado (AIPCP) is an insurance agency operating since 2018 for Venezuelan citizens. Between October 31, 2021 at 12:00 (GMT-4) and will end on November 1, 2021 at 00:00 (GMT-4), registration for a airdrop of 100,000 AIPCP Token - internal company...
  14. C

    Biggest Update of All- Check Out New Releases At YearnNFT Finance!

    YearnNFT Finance is a BSC-based platform ready to boom. The official whitepaper is all set to launch, have a look. YFNFT token Airdrops will commence soon, keep an eye and be the first to grab it. We believe that YFNFT token will be the next big NFT token in this marketplace. YearnNFT bounty...
  15. Alexandrd7

    Cool airdrop 20000 BRTX tokens (~2200$)

    Company "BERTINITY" (, an exclusive financial blockchain ecosystem, is hosting a cool airdrop. For participation, you can get - 20000 BRTX (~2200$), for 1 referral - 15$. The distribution must be received by all participants, in turn. Distribution date: within 2 months after the...
  16. Alexandrd7

    Distribution of NFT and tokens for testing the EYWA protocol from the project

    The EYWA project awards NFT and project tokens for participating in cross-chain protocol testing. Registration in the EYWA Telegram bot - . Alpha testing of the EYWA cross-chain protocol has started. Its members will receive rewards in the form of...
  17. S

    Referral airdrop split 100$ in btc (50$ for each)

    Hello, okcoin exchange have good offer for new customers, if you invite your friend to exchange, each of you will get 50$. For joining: There are several requirements: 1) Kyc lvl 2 ; 2) Buy 100$+ crypto (you can withdraw it then) ; 3) 50$ btc...
  18. S

    new Dopamine App airdrop

    Hello, link to their app: You need to invite as min 1 ref, for getting 10 points, after, points will convert to DOPE tokens. So, one device - 1 ref Good luck to everyone !
  19. T

    Telegram SHOP: Member and Post View Boost services

    Hello Dear community Original Topic : Whether if you want to publish an ICO or you have a personal or business channel in Telegram, it really matters how much members do your have We can boost your members fast and...