amitabh bachchan's nft collection

  1. sandrajoann1989

    BIG B NFT bundle, what actually it is? and How to get one?

    The Big B NFT bundle has 4 super premium NFTs categories and 1 loot box section, which have created hype among the people in the crypto space. The 3 super premium NFTs are The MADHUSHALA audio version narrated by the Big B himself, BIg B punks, and the Autographed Big B movie posters. The user...
  2. sandrajoann1989

    Exclusive NFT line up, never heard before uniqueness the BIG B is here

    Nov 1, 2021, is going to be the great beginning for the NFT market in the world’s most prominent consumer hub or subcontinent. This time the man who carries it is the superstar himself. Big B’s NFT bundle is most expected among the crypto enthusiasts but this could be the larger beginning for...
  3. sandrajoann1989

    How Big B Influences NFT In Bollywood?

    Big B has paved the way for celebrities to invest in non-fungible tokens and take the initial step towards the NFT revolution in India. This initiative enables the digital population of India to take a keen interest in this platform and invest in the near future.
  4. S

    Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan - Making NFT of the recorded version of Madhushala

    MadhuShala - well-renowned literature of the Hindi, which made into various ART forms, which Amitabh himself quoted in Newyork is now minted as NFT. Own the NFT which has the ability to retain and record the history itself, this NFT is minted with the narration of Amitabh himself. I am super...