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  1. C

    How is the recent price of Bitcoin Cash?

    Since the creation of Bitcoin Cash, it has been giving users some unexpected surprises. Bitcoin Cash soon became the digital currency with the third highest market value, and received support from numerous users in a short period of time. Bitcoin cash has been continuously developing. Bitcoin...
  2. V4Vendetta

    Bitcoin Cash Shrugged

    Apparently Coinbase decided to add Bitcoin Cash as an early Christmas present, for some at least. And immediately the entire market tanked, especially Bitcoin. Roger Ver is probably having a good day.
  3. O

    BCH 4 days not received?

    I send a transaction of 4 BCH/BCC from my Electron Cash wallet. Its been 4 days, with over 500 confirmations, and I selected a higher end on the fee bar. This does not seem normal at all...