1. U

    Uquid Announces Integration with Binance Pay

    Uquid customers will make payment faster when transaction on the platform integrated by Binance Pay, the world's largest crypto changeover by transaction volume. This new growth will provide a faster and more convenient investment environment for all NFTs Investors. Listing and trading faster...
  2. Maximus

    News BNBconnect airdrop just a few steps and you already have 10$, what are you waiting for

    BNBConnect announces officially BNBConnect DeFi Airdrop starting to launch to BSC Community! BNBConnect will distribute Airdrop with the total of reward $1,000,000 to the BNBC Community. Join Airdrop and Earn Instant Reward! https://bit.ly/BNBConnectAirdrop ------ Complete all following tasks...