1. N

    All over the internet I could see Bitcoin was doing well

    All over the internet I could see Bitcoin was doing well, it seemed like a pretty smart investment so I put some money into this trading platform. At the beginning all looked good unti I needed to make a withdrawal, then was told I needed to upgrade my membership with more funds, which I did and...
  2. VFCrypto

    Direct Challengers To Facebooks Libra Crypto Project Continue To Line Up

    Direct Challengers To Facebooks Libra Crypto Project Continue To Line Up You can see the full article by finding us below !
  3. VFCrypto

    Moscow Sees The Value in Blockchain Tech

    Moscow City Wants to Boost Transparency: Placing Value On Blockchain Technology Applications You can see the full article by visiting us on Twitter @VisionaryFinanc ( Crypto network serving 12,500+ enthusiasts daily )
  4. VFCrypto

    Binance Exchange Plans to Launch its US Division before November

    Binance Exchange Plans to Launch its US Division before November. Binance will be working with a trading company out of California. You can see the full article by visiting us on Twitter below
  5. VFCrypto

    VF - Updated Bitcoin Market Analysis For August

    Hello Everybody, We at VF enjoy following Bitcoin fundamentals monthly as we cater to thousands of enthusiasts daily. We most recently today released our market analysis for August. You can check out the full report on twitter @VisionaryFinanc since this site will not let us submit a link
  6. G

    IEO Consulting

    If you are looking for IEO consulting services from the experts, then here is the company. Blockchain Firm is a full-fledged blockchain-based IEO development company. We have tie-ups with the leading exchange platforms to give you an easy and carefree IEO launch. Also, we tell you what works...
  7. R

    [Feedback] Trader Cash - Educational game of cryptocurrencies! FOR THE GAMERS !!

    hello guys, I would really like some feedback from the educational game I'm producing, In case it is a game even though you earn points by participating in the site, creating asking, news, interacting in the forum. and you can evolve your equipment:
  8. B

    Binary Options Recovery; Recover Money Lost to Binary Options, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, ICO...

    Some people have made some good money over the past couple of years through binary options, bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) etc. However, there is also another side to this coin - quite a lot of people have also lost money through these investments that made millions for other people. So what...
  9. steffie

    Better, Best, Wow your cryptocurrency exchange business

    Have you ever think about how it will be if your cryptocurrency exchange website on #1 position? It's pretty cool. Right..!! Do you wanna make this into reality? If yes then join your hands with SEOWarriors experts. We are having a team of professional digital marketers who make your wish comes...
  10. S

    New cryptocurrency exchange peer-to-peer(P2P)

    BTC What is this? This is a peer to peer platform for cryptocurrency exchange. If you have used popular exchange sites like paxful or localbitcoin, this product will be no strange to you. What is Peer to Peer Trading? P2P Exchanges match Buyers with Bitcoin Sellers. These are individuals...
  11. C

    To what extent is Cryptocurrency anonymous?

    Generally, no. Cryptocurrency is not entirely anonymous. Although a few cryptocurrencies are genuinely anonymous, the vast majority (including Bitcoin, altcoin and Ethereum) are not. It is anonymous in the sense that the components of Bitcoin, such as addresses, private and public keys, and...
  12. swanspongy

    PrimeXBT gains an influx of new traders as Bitmex is under investigation

    Displaced margin traders are finding harbor with PrimeXBT as Bitmex is under investigation by the US regulator for trading against its clients and allowing US residents to use the platform. PrimeXBT is naturally picking up the slack as the only other crypto margin trading platform to offer as...
  13. G

    IEO Development Company

    Blockchain Firm is one of the leading IEO development company globally to render precise, transparent, safe, and affordable IEO services to aid the clients in launching IEO.
  14. C

    Earn Bitcoins By Using A Browser

    If you want to earn Bitcoins by simply using a browser that uses your unused computer power and mines for bitcoins then this is for you. Your earnings will keep growing as long as you're watching YouTube, reading news, using your social network accounts or simply the browser is open in the...
  15. mediaprojectco

    Cloud Mining BTC emine.Profit from 3.60% every day.Auto payments.

    Emine Company Investment projects offer a wide range of marketing types to make money, from quick but risky returns, all the way to long - term-oriented plans and overall stability. The eMine platform was created to ensure maximum security and stability of the system. Predictable payments...
  16. A

    How did Bitcoin first go into circulation?

    So how did Bitcoin go from being worth eight-one hundredths of a penny to over $12,000 per bitcoin? For the first two years, it was basically unknown outside of the developing community of programmers that wanted to see the project succeed. The first ever bitcoin transaction occurred when one...
  17. blockchainerz

    Merged Mining – Mining Cryptos Simultaneously

    Can you mine two coins at a go? for example, synchronous Bitcoin and Ethereum mining or some different Altcoins. Hang on and we will discover it soon enough. Let’s have a quick introduction to Cryptocurrency Mining. In cryptocurrency mining, miners verify and add various transactions to the...
  18. staceyrobertze

    Bitcoin Price Hits more than $11K !!

    Hi crypto floks !! You all might come cross the news that Bitcoin Price hits $11K for the first time in 2019.It is a great time to start investing in Bitcoin.Now,you can start minning your bitcoin to make trading.Trading your bitcoin on this time can make you high ROI.You can also start your...
  19. dylanbob

    Margin Trading App Launches Just in Time as the Next Bull Run Kicks Off

    Margin trading has become significantly more popular since the beginning of 2019. This occurred largely by consequent of the increase in demand to short-sell as traders became sick and tired of waiting for bitcoin to redeem itself, thus taking matters into their own hands and short-selling as a...