1. V4Vendetta

    This guy nails the ongoing Bitconnect scam

    Bitconnect is continuing to scam people. Check out this guy's video on some of the big Bitconnect players, and the legal aspects that are ongoing.
  2. V4Vendetta

    Bitconnect is crypto's Harold Camping

    The rise and fall of Bitconnect rocked the crypto currency world. Many saw early on that Bitconnect had all the hallmarks of a pyramid Ponzi scheme. But like any pyramid Ponzi scheme you can make a lot of money if you're in early, and out before the exit scam. In Bitconnect's case they left a...
  3. V4Vendetta

    The crypto blood bath and 2018 predictions.

    So as we are all witnessing, the crypto markets are experiencing a massive correction. There are many potential factors as to why this is happening. Some of these may include: panic sales, banker manipulation via futures trading, banks denying service for buying crypto, mass sell off for...
  4. V4Vendetta

    Looks like Bitconnect finally pulled their exit scam.

    Bitconnect is reportedly dead. Virtually no one can log in and the price has plummeted under $40. They released a statement today that they are halting their lending and exchange platform. All this leading up to a supposed launch of a new Bitconnect ICO called BCCX. But considering this...