1. A

    How to sell transfer funds on

    Hello all, I bought some coins (ZIL and THETA) using my credit card and now if I would like to sell some of the coins and transfer to my bank? Does anyone know the step by step how to do that? Thank You!
  2. icu222much

    Canada: Where/How to buy Ethereum and Dash?

    I'm looking to purchase a couple hundred dollars worth of Ethereum and Dash as a Canadian. I am planning to hold onto this amount for at least several years, and then I may sell them. Where would the best place for me to go purchase and sell Ethereum and Dash?
  3. evo

    Kraken adds support for Ripple (XRP) to USD/EUR/JPY/CAD

    Today, Kraken announced new trading pairs for Ripple (XRP) to 4 different fiat currencies - Euros, US Dollars, Japanese Yen, and Canadian dollars. These new trading pairs mean users can buy/sell XRP in exchange for their preferred fiat currency. Here are the 4 new trading pairs added to Kraken...