1. Dale

    UN Security Council wants to ban Bitcoin!

    The attacks are coming maybe this is why Elon is taking anti establishment approach. I've never quite understood why cryptocurrencies are worth anything. Of course, the untraceable payments are worth a lot to ransomware hackers, cyber criminals and money launderers. But dollars, euros and yen...
  2. evo

    China Power Outage: 40% Bitcoin Hash Rate Reduction

    China Power Outage: 40% Bitcoin Hash Rate Reduction There was a power outage at a province in China, causing a 40% reduction in the Bitcoin hash rate because the miners were taken offline. This is a warning sign reminding us that too much of the network is dependent off of China, and shows us...
  3. C


    Im fairly new to the whole crypto world of trading, i have been buying stocks and holding them for the past year. What Im looking to do is buy now and hold for 1-2 years and then cash out. I see a lot of people day trade cryptos. For a person who's in it for the long run which cryptos would be...
  4. evo

    Chinese tech firms and universities launching blockchain consortium Chengdu

    A new blockchain consortium is taking shape in China. According to a report from regional news source Sichuan Daily, A group of companies and academic institutions announced on June 14 that they are launching the consortium, based in Chengdu. The founding members include Tianfu Software Park...
  5. evo

    Chinese exchange Yuanbao adding Ripple

    The third largest exchange in China, Yuanbao, has announced they will be adding Ripple (XRP) to it's exchange tomorrow, June 9. Looking at Yuanbao's trade volume, their market capitalization is somewhat small, but it's still notable that they are adding Ripple as another currency available for...