1. evo

    Exodus Wallet now supports ZRX

    Finally! This has been a rumor for several months, but it's finally live and supported! The popular cryptocurrency wallet, Exodus, has added support for 0x Protocol (ZRX) with their latest release, which can be downloaded here. If you're already using Exodus wallet for your other...
  2. V4Vendetta

    The bankers will not go gentle into that good night.

    Capital One bank has just announced that it will stop processing crypto related purchases, including to exchanges like Coinbase. As the Merkle reports, this is not the first time a bank has denied crypto purchases to its customers, citing TD Bank blocking crypto purchases as well. Another...
  3. D

    Sending Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance?

    im not sure if I did this right... I purchased Bitcoin on coinbase.... it went to my bitcoin wallet... I went to Binance app and selected deposit under ‘funds’ typed in BTC and got the QR address. Copied that and went to coinbase went to the ‘send’ screen and typed in the amount and pasted the...
  4. icu222much

    Canada: Where/How to buy Ethereum and Dash?

    I'm looking to purchase a couple hundred dollars worth of Ethereum and Dash as a Canadian. I am planning to hold onto this amount for at least several years, and then I may sell them. Where would the best place for me to go purchase and sell Ethereum and Dash?
  5. H

    Wallets, Bitcoin, Ripple, Poloniex??

    Hi im new to cryptocurrency i live in the UK and just wanted to know if i used coinbase to deposit say £500 into my coinbase wallet then bought Bitcoin then transferred the Bitcoin to a Poloniex account and then used that Bitcoin to buy Ripple. Where would my Ripple purchase be stored? On my...
  6. Leroy67

    Advice on buying Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum?

    Awe right guys, my names Leroy, I'm from Scotland and I'm new to Crypto Been watching it for a few months, so decided to bite the bullet and go for it I started off with Coinbase because I was originally looking at Litecoin, and possibly Ethereum. And my wallet for that is Jaxx (and Bread) ...
  7. Pieball

    Buying Bitcoin in United Kingdom with GBP

    Where's the best place to buy in the UK, I'm a small time investor and don't have a big cash flow I've been buying £10 here and there but a lot of the main sites except bittylicious is minimum of £50 or £100 deposits I'm only looking to buy coins when and were I have some spare cash. Bittrex...
  8. V4Vendetta

    Bitcoin Cash Shrugged

    Apparently Coinbase decided to add Bitcoin Cash as an early Christmas present, for some at least. And immediately the entire market tanked, especially Bitcoin. Roger Ver is probably having a good day.
  9. V4Vendetta

    What coins do you think Coinbase will add in 2018?

    “In an interview on CNBC, Coinbasepresident Asiff Hirji provided some veiled clues as to what is coming for the cryptocurrency exchange in the future. He also gave insights about recent happenings. Hirji did not reveal much in the way of specifics, but did comment on a number of matters...
  10. V4Vendetta

    SegWit2x fork called off!

    Multiple crypto news outlets are reporting that the controversial SetWig2x fork has been cancelled. This is actually good news considering the number of red flags this fork was showing in the weeks leading up to this announcement. Some were calling this fork a 51% attack and others a potential...
  11. V4Vendetta

    Who will support the coming Bitcoin Gold fork?

    On or near October 25th, Bitcoin will fork, yet again, and a new crypto currency will be created which they are now calling Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Many are asking which exchanges or wallets will support BTG and unfortunately, with only 4 days to go, it doesn't seem that most will. If you have a...
  12. evo

    Coinbase adding support for Bitcoin Cash!

    As Bitcoin Cash becomes the 3rd largest cryptocurrency, and users threaten to sue Coinbase for their lack of support for Bitcoin Cash, Coinbase has officially announced they intend to support Bitcoin Cash by January 2018! Here's the full, official announcement from Coinbase: We wanted to give...
  13. evo

    Coinbase users threaten to sue over lack of support for Bitcoin Cash

    Lawsuits Brewing The creation of the fork in Bitcoin's blockchain—the software ledger that permanently records all transactions—by a minority of bitcoin operators followed a period of bitter infighting in the Bitcoin community. The details are esoteric (they center on the size and processing...
  14. V4Vendetta

    Poloniex pulls out of Washington state

    Following the exodus of Coinbase and Kraken from Washington State, Poloniex has decided to pull out as well, leaving Washington State residents to either seek residence elsewhere or use Gemini, who recently got approval to operate in the state. A message from Poloniex reads: "After careful...
  15. evo

    Move your Bitcoin off Coinbase before the upcoming hard fork!

    As we all know, the upcoming Bitcoin hard fork is coming at the end of this month. The widely popular digital currency wallet, Coinbase, has already posted an official announcement that they don't plan on supporting the potential, alternative currency that will probably arise from the hard fork...
  16. evo

    Coinbase position on the Bitcoin Hard Fork

    This post explains what customers can expect from Coinbase in the event of a split (or fork) in the Bitcoin network. You can read more about what a digital currency fork is here. Our first priority is the safety of customer funds. In the event of a fork, customer fiat currency (USD, EUR and...
  17. V4Vendetta

    IRS lessens demands of customer data from Coinbase

    “Further, the breadth of the summons, which seeks substantial personal information that is not at all relevant to tax compliance issues, and which could expose these clients to significant risk of having their identity and funds stolen by hackers who have succeeded previously in hacking the...
  18. evo

    Have no fear. Litecoin is safe. Batman showed up.

    Have no fear. Litecoin is safe. Batman showed up.
  19. V4Vendetta

    802 people reported Bitcoin transactions to the IRS

    "The IRS searched the MTRDB for Form 8949 data for tax years 2013 through 2015. I received the results of those searches. Those results reflect that in 2013, 807 individuals reported a transaction on Form 8949 using a property description likely related to bitcoin; in 2014, 893 individuals...
  20. V4Vendetta

    OmiseGo to enable trade between fiat and multiple cryptos.

    "The decentralized exchange, which Poon has written another whitepaper for, is built directly into the company's upcoming proof-of-stake blockchain, OmiseGo. Once it's finished, users will be able to trade fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies, or exchange between almost any cryptocurrencies (say...