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    Insurance company SELECTA (Caribbean) Limited has announced a new service - crypto insurance! What for? More than 50 exchanges have been closed since 2011. 19 services were cracked. Clients have lost more than 1.2 millions Bitcoins. Each quarter, the number of hacker attacks on the stock...
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    quppy platform

    Multicurrency cross-platform cryptowallet Why installing Quppy Wallet right now? Functionality: Quppy Wallet allows to make any transactions in cryptocurrencies and quickly exchange them. Quppy Wallet allows sharing crypto assets through different accounts inside one wallet. Security...
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    HYBSE releases it's trailer

    As we all know that the Hybrid Stock Exchange is in the process of blockchain integration, as trailer was recently released and a placeholder on their website, all these were included in this update:
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    Hello, I'm a newbie trader in Krypto world :D Any help?

    Currently I'm a new recruit for a marketing agency for crypto projects. I travel back & front from Singapore and Southeast Asia countries, and trying to learn to trade cryptos on the go.. What are some good exchange sites that I can start learning to use to trade crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat? I...
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    The safe wallet that you can find

    You can have an Ether wallet ⇒ for free. You will have a secure wallet and when you will use it you will be able to exchange coins or ERC-20 tokens. Your wallet will be secure because LocalEtherWallet has many levels of security that include MetaMask/Mist, Ledger...
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    Built A Website For Cryptocurrency: Cryptoscanner - Search The Entire Internet For The Cheapest/ Best Cryptocurrency Rates With One Click scans and compares for the cheapest cryptocurrency rates on the internet. Over 300 cryptocurrencies from more than 120 exchanges with one click of a button. Free, fast and easy! ⚡ Visit So i've been basically working on this project for since last year and...
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    Is Flitx Trustworthy Cryptocurrency Exchange in India

    Hello, Is Flitx Trustworthy Cryptocurrency Exchange in India?
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    How To Short Bitcoin On Bitfinex

    A friend of mine is running a youtube channel, analyzing good coins and did a tutorial What do you think of his tutorial and his other videos?
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    Cureated list of Cryptocurrency Resources

    I've collected all my bookmarks in this domain I'm adding new resources everyday, and if you have good suggestions you can add your own links too. Hope this list helps some of you.
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    Video Cryptorum interviews Vault Logic

    Vault Logic is a blockchain powered ATM network that is seeking to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses and make the user experience the best it can be. Vault Logic ATM's can be used as a traditional ATM cash dispenser, used for bill pay and check cashing (depending on MSB provider), used to...