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    India to introduce new Crypto Bill in Parliament after Cabinet approval

    The government will introduce the new Crypto Bill in Parliament after Cabinet approval, said the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on November 30. Nirmala Sitharaman also said that regulation of NFTs (non-fungible token) is also being discussed by the Centre. Speaking during...
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    Galaxy Digital raises $500 million for business expansion

    The move comes after the organization develops its net benefits by in excess of multiple times in the last quarter. Cosmic system Digital, a cryptographic money financier and trader bank established by extremely rich person financial backer Michael Novogratz, announced on Monday that it would...
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    MicroStrategy purchases additional 7,002 Bitcoin in $414.4 million

    The business information examination firm has been putting resources into BTC since August 2020. Michael Saylor is the CEO of big business information examination organization MicroStrategy, gave an account of Monday by means of Twitter post and friends filling that the firm procured 7,002...
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    Indian government has no plans to recognize Bitcoin as currency

    The Indian parliament started off its colder time of year meeting on Monday, during which key crypto enactment will be examined. Nirmala Sitharaman is the money pastor of India said on Monday, The Indian Government doesn't plan to perceive bitcoin as a cash. During a conversation in the...
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    New P2P lending platform

    Hi, my dear friends! i really want to share this P2P platform with you :p. Hope it will solve your problem in borrowing and lending. What is a Crypto-backed loan at MyConstant? MyConstant is an assets-backed P2P borrowing platform based in the US. Instead of checking your credit score before...
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    Libonomy: Wallet & Mobile Mining

    Wow impressive app by libonomy. Crosschain Blockchain to Blockchain transactions is real freedom of my finance's. No KYC makes this by far the future in money. LIBONOMY WALLET
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    Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallet

    MetaMask info Libonomy-evm Chain ID: 103 Currency Symbol: LBY The system is 100% free, only need to hold 200 LBY in your wallet on Metamask. Now think about this people add - libonomywallet Cross-chain wallet. No verification, no phone numbers, no emails, no...
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    Cryptoindex Exchange - Best regulated Exchange join free and get $50

    CRYPTOINDEX EXHANGE THE NEW AND MOST OPTIMISED FEE CRYPTO EXCHANGE BACKED BY INTEGRATED ECOSYSTEM ======================================================================================================================...
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    Top 5 Best Crypto Exchanges: Top Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms Reviewed

    For quite some time now, the rapid growth of cryptocurrency has been the talk of the town, with investors eager to cash in on the promising profits of digital currency. However, there has been some skepticism about the legitimacy of some crypto trading platforms, particularly given how easy...
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    Favorite crypto exchanges

    I am going to assume everyone has at least 3 different exchanges active... do you mind telling me your top 5 or more in order of your favorite? I will assume if you say you are not in America (if u r, can you please state it or say use VPN?).. trying to see if I am on track to use...
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    Hello, I'm a newbie trader in Krypto world :D Any help?

    Currently I'm a new recruit for a marketing agency for crypto projects. I travel back & front from Singapore and Southeast Asia countries, and trying to learn to trade cryptos on the go.. What are some good exchange sites that I can start learning to use to trade crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat? I...
  12. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews Vault Logic

    Vault Logic is a blockchain powered ATM network that is seeking to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses and make the user experience the best it can be. Vault Logic ATM's can be used as a traditional ATM cash dispenser, used for bill pay and check cashing (depending on MSB provider), used to...