crypto investing

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    Hey everybody, I am new to the crypto scene. I wanted to get into it for a while but never really gotten around to it. Hopefully i get more involved. I found this blog about investment strategies. What do you guys think?
  2. O

    How does Ukraine Russia Crisis affect crypto market?

    The current event taking place in Ukraine have lead to scarcity of oil and inflation o commodities that needed oil... But how does this events affects the price of bitcoin and crypto currencies in general since now Ukraine and people in Russia use crypto? Are the government going to also...
  3. Alexander Pearson

    A Short Story About My Experience With Cryptocurrency

    Hi everyone, sorry for taking your time but I just feel like I should drop this here to share my story and also recommend Andriana Velasco of Cryptostations. I can’t really say I met Andriana at the right time because I was going through a dark phase in the crypto market. I came across her on...
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    New and learning about cryptocurrency

    Hi Guys Happy to be here. I am new to crypto currency trading. I was wondering are there any courses available in trading in cryptocurrency for novices. I do not mind paying for the course. Reagdrs Aamod Rao