1. F

    Avalanche ecosystem accelerator Colony raised $18.5M in seed funding

    AVAX is one of the year's top crypto entertainers, with any semblance of Three Arrows Capital and Polychain Capital supporting the PoS chain. Torrential slide environment gas pedal Colony has brought $18.5 million up in seed speculations to bootstrap the up and coming age of Avalanche...
  2. F

    Galaxy Digital raises $500 million for business expansion

    The move comes after the organization develops its net benefits by in excess of multiple times in the last quarter. Cosmic system Digital, a cryptographic money financier and trader bank established by extremely rich person financial backer Michael Novogratz, announced on Monday that it would...
  3. F

    MicroStrategy purchases additional 7,002 Bitcoin in $414.4 million

    The business information examination firm has been putting resources into BTC since August 2020. Michael Saylor is the CEO of big business information examination organization MicroStrategy, gave an account of Monday by means of Twitter post and friends filling that the firm procured 7,002...
  4. F

    Bitcoin drops to 6-week lows in hours following $650M crypto liquidations in 24-hour

    Bitcoin has dropped to its most reduced levels since the second seven day stretch of October after a strong $5,000 red day by day candle. Bitcoin shed nearly $5,000 in a solitary day on Nov. 26 as bulls confronted new disillusionment. Information from the main business sectors followed...
  5. F

    Jack Dorsey's decentralized Bitcoin exchange published whitepaper

    It's no decentralized exchange in the most accurate sense of the word, but a peer-to-peer token swap platform under the oversight of Square. Jack Dorsey, co-founder, and CEO of both Square and Twitter published a white paper Friday detailing plans for Square's decentralized Bitcoin(BTC)...
  6. F

    India to reduce GST paid on cryptocurrency exchanges from 18% to 1% through regulatory reclassification

    Despite cryptocurrencies being popular across the country, Indian lawmakers remain deeply divided on implementing an appropriate regulatory framework. According to a report from CNBC TV18 India, the country's government thinks to reclassify cryptocurrency exchanges as e-commerce platforms...
  7. C


    Do you guys know any new cryptocurrency?
  8. V4Vendetta

    Poland’s central bank paid popular YouTuber to trash cryptocurrencies.

    If you still think central banks like and aren’t terrified by their competitor, look at this example.
  9. cryptoAL

    Is Bitcoin in a bubble?

    Everyday that I go on CoinMarketCap and see the parabolic growth of bitcoin, I just think that a major correction is getting closer and closer. I am definitely not the only one who thinks this as the two words "Bitcoin" and "Bubble" are hot on google searches. Bitcoin is currently in the 16...
  10. V4Vendetta

    V's crypto predictions for Sep 2017

    As of 8:30pm CST, the crypto markets look like they are in free fall. However, for anyone who has been following crypto longer than over the last month, this is nothing new. From China's decision to ban ICO's and then temporarily shut down local exchanges until the government establishes what...
  11. evo

    New Hampshire protects all cryptocurrencies from regulation!

    New Hampshire’s new governor John Sununu signed a bill, HB 436, which makes NH the first state to explicitly protect cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from regulation! This is a historic day and this move clearly positions New Hampshire as the most bitcoin-friendly state in the United States. NH was...