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    Bitxind Brings Opportunity for Its Customers to Buy and Sell IT services Using BXI Tokens

    Bitxind, an Indian startup, is preparing to capitalize on the demand for cryptocurrency by offering IT services in exchange for cryptocurrencies or BXI tokens. Users can also use the platform to sell services all over the world. Mumbai, India - December 3, 2021 — With the rise in popularity of...
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    SHIB reached an adoption milestone by surpassing 1 million holders

    With north of one 1 million symbolic holders, Shiba Inu looks set for unimaginable things ahead, paying little heed to exchanging more than 50 Since the task arrived at this achievement, the cost has hopped up 11.4% in the course of recent hours, with SHIB presently exchanging at $0.00004237...
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    Hello, I'm a newbie trader in Krypto world :D Any help?

    Currently I'm a new recruit for a marketing agency for crypto projects. I travel back & front from Singapore and Southeast Asia countries, and trying to learn to trade cryptos on the go.. What are some good exchange sites that I can start learning to use to trade crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat? I...