1. I

    How Many Rewards Can A Voter Earn for the QuarkChain Guardian Plan?

    It has been three weeks after QuarkChain Guardian Plan was announced. The amount of staked QKC has exceeded 50 million! Voting for Elf Guardians is still ongoing! However, It should be noted that approximately 18 million QKC are only staked without voting. Since a large part of the revenue will...
  2. Freldo

    Freldo News: FRECNX on the stock exchange of BCEX

    Freldo - a friendly social network forms and promotes the idea of business development through recommendations, exchange of feedback and information between participants. The founders of the project have developed an effective mechanism for functioning within the network. Users can...
  3. P

    News Altcoin Is Going Through Longest Market Accumulation Phase

    Over the last few months, traders and analysts have been ranting about an apparent alt season, doubling in price of many altcoins value. It wasn’t until Bitcoin’s recent rally that stopped in the price rising. However, according to an experienced trader, altcoins are still in an accumulation...
  4. G

    Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

    Cryptocurrency wallets are software programs developed to store the crypto assets such as Bitcoin, lite coin, Ripple and more. Wallets are stable, secure and are capable to make backups. This is one of the most important functions in the blockchain technology. Blockchain Firm is a company...
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    Official launch of 42 Money Making Machine

    Official launch of 42 Money Making Machine Legit BTC Doubler @Just50Bot <<< point_left point_left point_left TO START Bot link: @Just50Bot calendar Our official launch was on 4/10/2019 atm Our Payment Proofs @payment42channel Plan 1: Double Investment in 42 hours (credited 200% every 42...
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    Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

    Blockchain Firm is a company provides complete end to end cryptocurrency wallet development services, we develop our cryptocurrency wallet can store the multiple crypto assets like bitcoin, lite coin, ripple and more, our blockchain & bitcoin wallet development services will help start-ups can...
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    Make Art History; Own THIS: Ownership is the new Art. Frame Yours Here:a

    Make Art History; Own THIS: Ownership is the new Art. Frame Yours Here: Hi, Beauty is changing its face value. Art as the beauty we know and love is getting deep, deeper into its intrinsic parts. It is no longer just in the eyes of the person who beholds, it's now becoming about the...
  8. mediaprojectco


    BIZZILION PTY LTD is the largest media agency that acts as an intermediary in transactions related to the transfer of rights to streaming broadcasts, TV programs, sporting events, and the distribution of advertising content. We assist in the process of buying the rights to broadcast a number of...
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    Local Bitcoin Clone Script

    Are you looking for a local Bitcoin clone script? We have it! Create your decentralized trading and exchange platform at the least possible rate. Sign up with us for quick product delivery and continuous support. Call now.
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    ICO Script

    Are you planning to launch your ICO? Our ICO script is something that you need right now — worried about the budget? We deliver a pocket-friendly, script that is scalable and customizable according to the business demands.
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    Need an ICO Script?

    if you would like to get your own ICO script and start your business with that, there are companies like the ‘Blockchain Firm’ which give you complete knowledge and understanding with a clear explanation of what suits your business well.
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    Enterprise Blockchain Solution Provider

    Need blockchain solution for your concerns? We tell you what to do! Before that, get to know that we are one of the top enterprise blockchain solution providers and are here, ready to serve you. Call us anytime to kick-start your blockchain based venture.
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    Local Bitcoin Clone

    Create your own trading platform and decentralized exchange with our local Bitcoin clone. We deliver it with advanced features like dispute resolution, online and offline trade, escrow management all at an affordable rate.
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    How to buy birdchain token from idex.

    Today I'm going to show you how to buy birdchain token from idex. what is birdchian Birdchain is an app that allows you to automatically sell unused SMS and earn money!. The app also allow you to earn money by...
  15. S

    Delta Exchange - Secured cyptocurrency exchange Platform

    Hi, I would like to introduced Crypto-Currency exchange platform ie: Delta exchange, it helps me to trade easily and earn. Delta-Exchange deploys high end secured servers with SSL, anti-DDOS attack, re-captcha and email / SMS based OTP during login to maintain the most secure trading platform...
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    local bitcoin clone

    Create your own trading platform and decentralized exchange with our local Bitcoin clone. We deliver it with advanced features like dispute resolution, online and offline trade, escrow management all at an affordable rate.
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    Looking to build your own business with Crypto Exchange Software? Get Free Demo!

    Research conducted by CoinMarket Cap concluded that cryptocurrency exchange has raised to US$64.25 billion! Being a Crypto Enthusiast, if you are looking for Cryptocurrency Exchange Software to be developed, Zab Technologies can be your choice. We deliver solutions with security modules inbuilt...
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    Hello, I'm new

    Hello, i'm new user. I would like to say hello to everyone :D
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    FTFT Public Investment Program (PIP) | 10% ROI per Week

    Future FinTech (FTFT) is a FinTech organization established in 1998 and already listed in NASDAQ stock exchange market. It engages in financial technology businesses and currently looking to expand its business into blockchain technology development. -- This is a public investment program by...
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    What would you actually spend your cryptocurrency on?

    We are on our way to adoption but need to make real purchases in order to achieve adoption. Is there any product digital or physical that you would willingly spend your cryptocurrency on? What would you feel good about spending your cryptocurrency on? If so, What is that something?