1. evo

    Ethereum Name System (ENS)

    Ethereum Name System (ENS) What is it and what it isn't? The ENS is a system that was created to provide shorter, more human-friendly names in place of long addresses, such as ethereum addresses or Swarm hashes that are often used in the ethereum ecosystem. ENS is not a domain system: In the...
  2. evo

    What is a Decentralized Application?

    DApp - Decentralized Applications A decentralized application is similar to a smart contract, but different in two key ways. First of all, a decentralized application has an unbounded number of participants on all sides of the market. Second, a decentralized application need not be necessarily...
  3. evo

    Ethereum Enabled Browsers

    When running a dapp (decentralized application) on the Ethereum blockchain, you can read the blockchain from any browser, however you'll need an Ethereum enabled browser to interact with the blockchain from your browser. Here are some Ethereum enabled browsers: Mist Parity Metamask - Google...