digital currency

  1. evo

    What is a Bitcoin Fork?

    There has been significant news coverage and developments in recent weeks about changes to digital currency networks. These are sometimes called “forks”. Here is a simple, non-technical explanation to add context to recent discussions. What is a “fork”? A “fork” is a change to the software of...
  2. Andy

    Karl Denninger says digital currencies are all a scam

    I'm a sporadic follower of Karl Denninger's posts and generally I find him to be extremely intelligent and, more often than not, correct. Having said that, I am a hoarder of a few cryptos. I suspect/hope he might be wrong this time. I'd be interested in the forum members' thoughts on one of...
  3. evo

    IRS about to present a digital currency strategy to Congress

    The US Congress wants answers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about its investigation into Bitcoin tax avoidance, and they are due next week. Senator Orrin Hatch, Representative Kevin Brady, and Representative Vern Buchanan have requested information about the IRS’s overall strategy...
  4. Andy

    Australia makes Bitcoin legal and tax free