enterprise ethereum alliance

  1. evo

    Enterprise Ethereum Alliance adds 86 members to blockchain consortium

    The rumor about Ethereum ahead of the Consensus were 100% true, as the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance added 86 members to its blockchain consortium. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has more than tripled in size, with the group announcing 86 new members today drawn from a wide range of...
  2. evo

    Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announces Technical Board

    The EEE (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) is an organization working towards advancing the adoption of the Ethereum blockchain. Members include Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, and many other big names. Today, the EEE announced it's Technical Steering Board, which has three primary objectives...
  3. evo

    Ethereum Leaks and Bitcoin Rumors ahead of Concensus

    Concensus 2017 starts tomorrow in New York, and there's already been some huge leaks and rumors I'm hearing about... Ethereum has the leak, and Bitcoin has the rumor. Ethereum The first big leak ahead of the conference is by the EEE (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance), which can be seen here, or...