1. R

    Hey Everyone! My name is Colby and I started Replimake!

    What is Replimake? A Marketplace Replimake seeks to be a marketplace for engineers and hardware hackers to collaborate, design, and offer electronic products for sale as file packages in the form of an NFT. Engineers will be able to post completed projects that include 3D printable enclosures...
  2. K

    Flash BTC Transaction (Core Network) 6.3.0

    New updates for January 2022 Flash BTC Transaction (Core Network) 6.3.0 Live demo with blockchain keys options, sending more than 100 BTC in one transaction New features : -Supports up to 500 BTC per transaction -Can stay on the wallet for more than 6 months (180 days) -Quick confirmation if...
  3. C

    News Too much fees to Pay?: Three STEPS to avoid these expensive fees!

    1st Method: 1. Sell TOP(ERC-20) on Houbi Exchange 2.Withdraw USDT via TRC-20 channel 3.Buy TOP with USDT on DEX 4.Cross-chain complete! 2nd method: 1.Sell TOP(ERC-20) on Houbi Exchange 2.Transfer USDT to Binance via TRC-20 3.Withdraw USDT to wallet via BSC chain in Binance 4.Buy TOP with USDT...
  4. V4Vendetta

    News UniSwap v3 launching

    UniSwap v3 finally launching!
  5. evo

    Ethereum Technical Analysis and Price Predictions

    Ethereum Technical Analysis and Price Predictions For technical analysis and price predictions for Ethereum - $ETH
  6. R

    Hashrate with NVIDIA Titan X

    Hi I am new to the Crypto world. Just building my own Rig with Titan X GPU but only get 3mh/s hashrate. what I am doing wrong? is this setup issue or maybe an issue with Etherum mining at the moment?
  7. T

    Telegram SHOP: Member and Post View Boost services

    Hello Dear community Original Topic : Whether if you want to publish an ICO or you have a personal or business channel in Telegram, it really matters how much members do your have We can boost your members fast and...
  8. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews SALT's CEO Shawn Owen

    Most people in the crypto space know that salt isn't just something that adds flavor to food, but also a crypto that helps utilize cryptocurrency as a collateralized asset. SALT does this by enabling their lending platform so that members can use their Bitcoin, for example, to draw a cash loan...
  9. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews ShapeShift

    Anyone in the cryptocurrency marketplace is likely very familiar with ShapeShift. ShapeShift is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to trade crypto coins between one another without the traditional limitations of exchange pairings. Anyone who has ever used a cryptocurrency...
  10. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews Rivetz

    Rivetz is a blockchain security platform that businesses utilizing blockchain features can use to help secure end to end usability for their customers. Clients can use the Rivetz Developer Toolkit to minimize cost and help secure their platform, and they also have their own Rivetz authenticator...
  11. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews is a platform that offers rewards points for shopping through normal vendors. They've decided to bring the blockchain to their platform buy creating a utility Reward Token that can not only be utilized as a customer loyalty based reward service, but also as a blockchain token that...
  12. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews Edge

    Airbitz, a Bitcoin mobile wallet solution that was founded in 2013, recently rebranded to Edge and added support for several more coins, including the ability to manually add a wallet for any ERC-20 token. Users can use the Edge app, available for iOS and Android devices, to securely exchange...
  13. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews Ubiatar Play

    UbiatarPlay is a mobile platform that utilizes live streaming to link a User to an Avatar. The concept is similar to the 2016 film Nerve, which had 'watchers' assign tasks to 'players' and upon completion of said task the 'player' would receive monetary compensation from the 'watchers.'...
  14. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews Vault Logic

    Vault Logic is a blockchain powered ATM network that is seeking to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses and make the user experience the best it can be. Vault Logic ATM's can be used as a traditional ATM cash dispenser, used for bill pay and check cashing (depending on MSB provider), used to...
  15. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum Interviews Doug Saunders, CEO of Travel Block

    Travel Block is an ICO that will start its pre sale tomorrow, March 3rd, 2018. Travel Block is looking to bring the blockchain to the travel industry. Currently the travel industry is dominated by a handful of large corporations that add high premiums to travel services. Hotels, Resorts and...
  16. V4Vendetta

    Poland’s central bank paid popular YouTuber to trash cryptocurrencies.

    If you still think central banks like and aren’t terrified by their competitor, look at this example.
  17. evo

    Ethereum Whitepaper - Smart Contracts and Decentralized Application Platform

    A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform Satoshi Nakamoto's development of Bitcoin in 2009 has often been hailed as a radical development in money and currency, being the first example of a digital asset which simultaneously has no backing or "intrinsic value" and...
  18. P

    Freewallet Ether to Ardor taking too long?

    Hi; Can anyone help with the following; I exchanged over £100 worth of ether to Ardor on 19 Dec 2017, that's over 2 weeks ago and although the coins have left my Freewallet ETH wallet they have not arrived at my Freewallet Ardor wallet. I have double/tripled checked that the destination wallet...
  19. icu222much

    Canada: Where/How to buy Ethereum and Dash?

    I'm looking to purchase a couple hundred dollars worth of Ethereum and Dash as a Canadian. I am planning to hold onto this amount for at least several years, and then I may sell them. Where would the best place for me to go purchase and sell Ethereum and Dash?
  20. V4Vendetta

    Video Great interview with Charles Hoskinson of Cardano

    If people don't understand the value of Cardano they will miss out on a huge opportunity. Check out the interview Crypt0, Omar Bham, did with the legendary Charles Hoskinson of IOHK, Cardano.