1. P

    News FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version 7.0.0

    FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version 7.0.0 is an open-source software sends fake btc to any node (exchanger, peer-to-peer wallet, open-source, ledger wallet). The features of FLASH BTC TRANSACTION (Core Network) Full Version 7.0.0 -Work in all countries, no ip address...
  2. U

    Buy, Sell, Exchange (Crypto & E-Currencies). Instant online service at awesome rates.

    USD-GOLD.COM is a secure, reliable and fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Poland, with operational offices in Latvia and Estonia. Our company provides a safe platform to buy and sell various e-currencies and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, ChainLink...
  3. J

    Buying/selling gift - visa - mastercards and crypto coins online! p2p trading!

    Hello dear Friends & Customers */* P2P trading */* 8+ Years Trading experience */* lots feedback and reviews on other site ´ s. !Buying/Selling Following! -Gift cards- [Ebay, Nike, Walmart, Amazon, Itunes, Googleplay, Steam, Target, Best buy, Home depot, Sephora, Nordstrom, Lowes] ---...
  4. F

    Will I get my crypto back?

    Hello. I'm fairly new to the crypto currency world so please excuse my ignorance. So I have a wallet in which I have a little bit of ethereum. I wanted to buy $50 worth of LBRY credits/LBC but my wallet does not support it. So I searched and found a wallet which does support LBC, that being...
  5. W

    Building Web3 Paradise

    Hey guys! I've been working on a platform for Web3 for a few weeks now and would like to get some feedback. The goal is to put everything about Web3 in one place so people can browse through easily without searching on multiple websites. The link is: All feedback welcome
  6. trungtamtinhocthaibinh

    Khoá Học Vẽ Autocad Từ Cơ Bản Đến Nâng Cao Tại Thái Bình

    Khoá học vẽ Autocad tại Thái Bình. Nhanh chóng thành thạo phần mềm vẽ kỹ thuật Autocad cho các ngành: Xây Dựng, Kiến Trúc, Công Trình, Điện, Viễn Thông, Cơ Khí… Giáo viên giảng dạy có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trực tiếp giảng dạy. Khoá học được trung tâm thiết kế chuẩn nhất và thực tế nhất giúp học...
  7. binancekillersanalysis

    LTC now at the major resistance zone

    LTC now at the major resistance zone of $148-$150. LTC need to break this resistance level to turn bullish otherwise we will see a retest of the $130-$135 support zone. Wait for the breakout of the resistance zone.
  8. binancekillersanalysis

    Illiquid Supply Ratio has taken yet another leg up.

    Illiquid Supply Ratio has taken yet another leg up. Bitcoin "supply shock" is now at levels that previously priced Bitcoin at $53K.
  9. Dale

    Ethereum moving towards 100,000 transactions per second!

    Ethereum Heads Towards 100K Transactions Per Second? And Buterin Talks About Post-Merger Future After the rollout of the Ethereum Proof-of-Stake blockchain, dubbed “Beacon Chain”, the network has been moving fast to integrate it with the Proof-of-Work blockchain. Vitalik Buterin, the inventor...
  10. V4Vendetta

    News UniSwap v3 launching

    UniSwap v3 finally launching!
  11. evo

    Ethereum Technical Analysis and Price Predictions

    Ethereum Technical Analysis and Price Predictions For technical analysis and price predictions for Ethereum - $ETH
  12. evo

    Last chance for low priced Ethereum?

    My current buy zones for Ethereum is set between $1850 to $2000... Will Ethereum get this low? This could be the last time we see Ethereum below $2,000... And after this retracement and consolidation period, the next leg up for Ethereum is the $3000 to $4000 range.
  13. R

    Hashrate with NVIDIA Titan X

    Hi I am new to the Crypto world. Just building my own Rig with Titan X GPU but only get 3mh/s hashrate. what I am doing wrong? is this setup issue or maybe an issue with Etherum mining at the moment?
  14. cryptorum

    Amazon Managed Blockchain adds Ethereum

    Amazon Managed Blockchain at Last Supports Ethereum, Ending a Two-Year Tease There are over 8,000 nodes on the Ethereum network. Amazon’s new management feature should increase that number. Amazon Web Services (AWS) “managed blockchain” service now supports Ethereum out of the box, some two...
  15. evo

    Nyan Cat NFT sold for 300 ETH

    The popular Nyan Cat NFT recently sold for 300 ETH ($540,972 USD) in an online auction. It wasn’t the .GIF file that was sold, which is still reproducible and found everywhere online, but a cryptographic hash of the psychedelic image on the Ethereum blockchain. Nyan Cat Info Nyan Cat is the...
  16. S

    New trading platform for prediction markets

    Hi, A few weeks ago we launched a trading platform for prediction markets. It's a centralized Ethereum-based platform for betting on the outcome of events in areas such as Business, Technology, Finance, Sports and Politics. One of the first problems we're trying to solve with it is ICO scams...
  17. T

    Telegram SHOP: Member and Post View Boost services

    Hello Dear community Original Topic : Whether if you want to publish an ICO or you have a personal or business channel in Telegram, it really matters how much members do your have We can boost your members fast and...
  18. M

    Hello from Warsaw, Poland

    Hi community, My name is Jan, i've been investing in the cryptospace since 2015. I am a real fan of blockchain technology, and love how many innovative decentralized solutions are coming out each month. Its amazing to think where the technology will take us in the next few years. I'm doing...
  19. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews SALT's CEO Shawn Owen

    Most people in the crypto space know that salt isn't just something that adds flavor to food, but also a crypto that helps utilize cryptocurrency as a collateralized asset. SALT does this by enabling their lending platform so that members can use their Bitcoin, for example, to draw a cash loan...
  20. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews ShapeShift

    Anyone in the cryptocurrency marketplace is likely very familiar with ShapeShift. ShapeShift is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to trade crypto coins between one another without the traditional limitations of exchange pairings. Anyone who has ever used a cryptocurrency...