1. U

    Buy, Sell, Exchange (Crypto & E-Currencies). Instant online service at awesome rates.

    USD-GOLD.COM is a secure, reliable and fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Poland, with operational offices in Latvia and Estonia. Our company provides a safe platform to buy and sell various e-currencies and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, ChainLink...
  2. juniperion

    Byte Exchange is the world's first community-based cryptocurrency exchange that shares 50% of its net profit with the community

    Imagine a cryptocurrency exchange that; - Lists over 300 cryptocurrencies - Have 3 cryptocurrency licenses. Be legally responsible and regulated. - With 47 different security layers and a speed of 85 million transactions per second, it provides a safe and smooth trading opportunity. -...
  3. evo

    Bad news for non-USA residents who registered on Binance in the past using USA verification

    I talked with Binance Customer Support and received some very bad news for anyone who registered on Binance anytime in the past using their USA verification. You are required to use Binance.US forever, for the rest of your life, even if you are not currently a resident or citizen of America. I...
  4. O

    Hello, I'm a newbie trader in Krypto world :D Any help?

    Currently I'm a new recruit for a marketing agency for crypto projects. I travel back & front from Singapore and Southeast Asia countries, and trying to learn to trade cryptos on the go.. What are some good exchange sites that I can start learning to use to trade crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat? I...
  5. evo

    News Circle buys Poloniex Exchange for $400 Million

    Circle just announced that it is acquiring U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. According to Fortune, Circle is paying $400 million for the acquisition. Poloniex has been around for years and used to be one of the biggest exchanges out there — there are now many exchanges competing with...
  6. V4Vendetta

    News Universa listing on HitBTC

  7. S

    Is Coinbase the best BTC exchange?

    I've searched for the information - what Bitcoin exchange to choose. And every source I got was about Coinbase шт more or less volume. So, my question is it still the best exchange or it is just got the most coverage, but I can choose even less popular among the list?
  8. B

    Best place to get alt coins wide variety, with current slowdown

    Hey, Looking for a place I can get a lot of small cheap prospect coins on, that is actually working and signing people up now. Anybody?
  9. C

    Bitcoin to USDT on Binance problem?

    I transferred $234.00 from Bitcoin to usdt on Binance. (Don't ask my why). It will not let me exchange it for Bitcoin. It says amount is to small or I have to have at least a .1 to sell my usdt. It's just stuck sitting there. Any ideas or suggestions please.
  10. evo

    Enhanced Verification on Poloniex!

    Finally. After 8 months, my support ticket on Poloniex for Enhanced Verification was finally answered! Poloniex offers a standard verification procedure, which allows user accounts to withdraw up to $25,000 USD over a 24 hour period. In order to have this withdrawal limit raised, you are...
  11. evo

    Poloniex now requires verification for all accounts

    In the past, Poloniex did not require verification for Level 1 account holders, but that's about to change. Poloniex has announced that verification will be required for all accounts. And if your account, has not been verified, it will be marked as Legacy and disabled until you verify...
  12. C

    Buy/Sell orders explained?

    I was wondering if somebody could help me better understand buy/sell orders? I'm pretty new to this and want to fully understand everything
  13. V4Vendetta

    Who will support the coming Bitcoin Gold fork?

    On or near October 25th, Bitcoin will fork, yet again, and a new crypto currency will be created which they are now calling Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Many are asking which exchanges or wallets will support BTG and unfortunately, with only 4 days to go, it doesn't seem that most will. If you have a...
  14. V4Vendetta

    Guide to set up IOTA Desktop wallet

    For those who own IOTA and store it in Bitfinex, many of you are aware of the recent news that Bitfinex is axing it's US customer base. This news has left many wondering where they can move their IOTA to. So far there are...
  15. V4Vendetta

    Bitfinex will drop US based customers in 90 days!

    "Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has just announced that it is pulling out of the US retail market due to the challenging regulatory climate. US customers have approximately 90 days to discontinue all trading, and US holders of ethereum ERC20 tokens have only 5 days to stop trading them on the...
  16. evo

    Coinbase adding support for Bitcoin Cash!

    As Bitcoin Cash becomes the 3rd largest cryptocurrency, and users threaten to sue Coinbase for their lack of support for Bitcoin Cash, Coinbase has officially announced they intend to support Bitcoin Cash by January 2018! Here's the full, official announcement from Coinbase: We wanted to give...
  17. evo

    Gemini meets Washington's higher standards for Bitcoin and Ether

    Gemini Expands into the Great State of Washington Washingtonians Can Now Buy, Sell, and Store Both Bitcoin and Ether We’re excited to announce that Gemini is now licensed to provide our services to customers in the Evergreen State. Washington has some of the highest standards of oversight for...
  18. evo

    Bittrex position on the Bitcoin hard fork

    Bittrex Official Statement on Bitcoin Cash (BCC) If you have a Bitcoin (BTC) balance on Bittrex during the BCC UAHF time on August 1st, 5:20am (12:20pm UTC), you will be credited the equivalent amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCC) on a 1:1 basis. i.e. 1 BTC on Bittrex held during the on-exchange...
  19. evo

    Kraken position on the Bitcoin hard fork

    The popular exchange, Kraken, has not made any official public announcement on the upcoming Bitcoin hard fork, which will result in a second blockchain called Bitcoin Cash. However, Kraken has made the following unofficial statement regarding Bitcoin Cash:
  20. evo

    Bitfinex position on the Bitcoin hard fork

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Token Distribution A minority of Bitcoin miners will be forking on August 1st, 2017 to create a new chain called Bitcoin Cash. The fork does not impact Bitcoin balances, but it creates a new token. At the time of the fork, all Bitcoin addresses holding a balance will...