1. evo

    Exodus Wallet now supports ZRX

    Finally! This has been a rumor for several months, but it's finally live and supported! The popular cryptocurrency wallet, Exodus, has added support for 0x Protocol (ZRX) with their latest release, which can be downloaded here. If you're already using Exodus wallet for your other...
  2. V4Vendetta

    Who will support the coming Bitcoin Gold fork?

    On or near October 25th, Bitcoin will fork, yet again, and a new crypto currency will be created which they are now calling Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Many are asking which exchanges or wallets will support BTG and unfortunately, with only 4 days to go, it doesn't seem that most will. If you have a...
  3. V4Vendetta

    Exodus Eden Wallet

    Exodus recently announced a beta version wallet upgrade for "advanced users" called Exodus Eden. Exodus Eden will be an upgraded version of the basic Exodus wallet and will support more coins. Currently it is still in its beta phase and thus is "unsupported" but advanced users can download it...
  4. evo

    Exodus wallet adding support for Ripple

    Exodus is planning on adding support for XRP (Ripple) later today. Exodus is a popular desktop wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The current release of Exodus is 1.24, and the upcoming 1.3.32 release is scheduled for later today. This newest release will be a developer version for Windows...