1. Alexandrd7

    6 promising projects that are currently being carried out by airdrops (I recommend to read !)

    I recommend that you familiarize yourself and take part in current airdrops from 6 promising projects ! 1. The gaming financial metaverse "Novaland" is conducting an airdrop of NOVA tokens. For your own participation you can earn: 2000 NOVA, for the 1st referral: 1000 NOVA. Participation in...
  2. Alexandrd7

    Distribution of 28 DRV tokens (~2$) + 7 DRV for a referral from the Dragon Verse game project

    An innovative game project in which you can earn "Dragon Verse", conducts an airdrop DRV tokens. For participation you can get : 28 DRV (~2$), for 1 referral : 7 DRV (~0,5$). Participation in the airdrop in the Telegram bot - All participants...