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    Hi there Introducing OGCOIN

    Hi there, My name is Kapsito1 and i am involved with a company that recently developed the first healthcare based crypto in Africa. You can learn more about the coin here: https://www.ogcoin.io/#!/home You can find out about the company and our products here: http://www.ogsoftsolutions.com/...
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    New User - Seek info on ICO

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am looking for your advice on Ripple Cash coin ICO. The link to the website is http://ripplecash.info . I have invested $250 and would like to know if it safe to invest more.
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    Whalecorp Discussion ICO Review

    Hi guys, I'm newbie in cryptocurrency field. A world is bursting with ICO selling site, I don't know which ico selling website is safe (safe here mean with lower risk of scamming). https://whalecorp.co/ https://whalecorp.co/products.php https://whalecorp.co/roadmap.php I found this website...