1. K

    Hi there Introducing OGCOIN

    Hi there, My name is Kapsito1 and i am involved with a company that recently developed the first healthcare based crypto in Africa. You can learn more about the coin here: https://www.ogcoin.io/#!/home You can find out about the company and our products here: http://www.ogsoftsolutions.com/...
  2. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews Rewards.com

    Rewards.com is a platform that offers rewards points for shopping through normal vendors. They've decided to bring the blockchain to their platform buy creating a utility Reward Token that can not only be utilized as a customer loyalty based reward service, but also as a blockchain token that...
  3. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum interviews Ubiatar Play

    UbiatarPlay is a mobile platform that utilizes live streaming to link a User to an Avatar. The concept is similar to the 2016 film Nerve, which had 'watchers' assign tasks to 'players' and upon completion of said task the 'player' would receive monetary compensation from the 'watchers.'...
  4. V4Vendetta

    Video Cryptorum Interviews Doug Saunders, CEO of Travel Block

    Travel Block is an ICO that will start its pre sale tomorrow, March 3rd, 2018. Travel Block is looking to bring the blockchain to the travel industry. Currently the travel industry is dominated by a handful of large corporations that add high premiums to travel services. Hotels, Resorts and...
  5. V4Vendetta

    Benebit ICO runs off with investors funds

    Benebit, another overly hyped ICO pulled an exit scam and ran off with about $2.7 million of investors funds. Yet another reason to be careful when choosing an ICO to invest in.
  6. cryptoadviser

    What kind of profits are you reaping from ICOs?

    Are you into ICOs? I don't seem to trust them unless the launch actually happens in the market. How are your ICO returns? Also, anything in particular that you see in a company's white paper to go for their ICO?
  7. T

    How do I buy Cypherium?

    hey im tyler. i just placed an order for $150 of bitcoin on coinbase. I want to invest in new/smaller crypto and hope i find the next big cryptocurrency. just like everyone else. been looking at Cypherium and some others. i feel stupid now cause i was gonna buy RIPPLE a few months ago and didn't...
  8. V4Vendetta

    Get NAGA for a good price while you still can

    For those US citizens who weren’t able to participate in the NAGA ICO, it has officially launched on HitBTC, and within a mere few days has already tripled in value. I won’t bother reviewing it because many others have already but I believe this will be a hot coin in 2018. To learn more about...
  9. V4Vendetta

    Trade.io ICO

    The trade.io ICO (an ERC-20 token) launched its Pre-ICO phase today, November 7th, and you can take advantage of the Pre-ICO bonus (1ETH = 200 TIO) over the next 18 days; after which the bonus amount will drop to (1ETH = 150 TIO) during the regular ICO phase which will begin on November 28th...
  10. evo

    Civil - Blockchain based Journalism Marketplace - CVL Tokens

    One of the most confusing efforts to fund journalism in recent memory is inching closer to reality. Civil, the blockchain-based journalism marketplace, is building its first batch of publications. If you’re still confused by Civil, the cryptocurrency-based journalism marketplace that went...
  11. evo

    Initial Coin Offering Forum

    While the Cryptocurrency section of the forum is for general crypto discussion, this dedicated ICO Forum has been created for discussions, news, questions, and topics surrounding Initial Coin Offerings. There has been a huge influx of new ICO's being announced. When making any kind of financial...
  12. evo

    What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

    What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)? An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising mechanism for new cryptocurrency projects, where the ICO releases underlying cryptocurrency coins/tokens in exchange for Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH). Investors send funds to a smart contract, which stores...
  13. V4Vendetta

    Top ICO picks for 2017

    As we watch the price of Bitcoin sore over $6000, breaking old records, people are often looking for the next big opportunity. It’s hard to say if or when existing coins will ever see anywhere close to the gains we’ve seen in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, and chances are they’ve already had...
  14. V4Vendetta

    LAToken's ICO for US Customers; Scam or Poor Marketing?

    I've been seeing multiple ads on Facebook and Twitter recently for LAToken; yet another ICO on the Ethereum network. Like many ICO's you can find a slew of positive and negative information online and LAToken is no exception. Many YouTubers are touting LAT to be the next big thing and another...
  15. V4Vendetta

    Guide to buying Centra (CTR) ICO

    As many of you may have heard Floyd Mayweather is promoting his 3rd ICO (http://www.investopedia.com/news/boxer-floyd-mayweather-endorsed-his-third-ico/). Centra is the next ICO that is targeting the crypto debit card market and is being run on the Ethereum network, and have just joined the...
  16. evo

    Hackers steal $7 Million from CoinDash ICO

    A startup named CoinDash halts its ICO, saying a hacker stole $7M by simply changing the Ethereum address on its site that was intended to receive ICO funds. The CoinDash social trading platform tells investors to stop sending money after the token sale garnered $6.4 million from early...
  17. V4Vendetta

    Tezos becomes largest ICO

    “Self-amending cryptographic ledger” Tezos has raised almost $200 mln in the first two days of its ICO. The uncapped sale of its Tezzies (TEZ) tokens will continue through July 12. At press time Monday, contributions had reached 42,600 BTC ($104.3 mln) and 184,700 ETH ($51.2 mln) for a...
  18. Ben

    Not healthy for crypto when ICO's receive millions while providing nothing new

    It seems like anyone these days can put together a whitepaper, build a bootstrapped website, and then fill it up with pseudo technological terminology and jargon. And it will seem legitimate enough for a community to follow this newly created ICO and give them millions of dollars in seconds...
  19. V4Vendetta

    TenX, a Debit card ICO, raises 200K ETH in 10 minutes

    "TenX’s ICO finished nearly as soon as it started, with the project raising 200,000 eth in around ten minutes, currently valued at around $67 million, for the further development of a crypto debit card, a new protocol called Commit and to apply for a banking license." $15 to order the card; 2%...
  20. evo

    What is The Flippening?

    What is The Flippening? Bitcoin (BTC) currently trades for around $2700 USD and Ethereum (ETH) trades for around $330 USD. In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin and Ethereum are coming closer to parity. Many believe this will signify Ethereum overtaking Bitcoin as the primary...