1. D

    Greetings to the community

    I am here to learn and share my experiences. I hope to receive and provide values besed on the crypto knowledge I have gained over a year. I am a crypto enthusiast who is planning to jump into mining soon. Hope to connect with you soon. Cheers
  2. C

    Hello Crypto World!

    Hi everyone! I go by Coinbuzz91 online, I've always been a technology enthusiast. Always the first to jump on board with bleeding edge tech. I started dabbling in Cryptocurrency back in 2013 when I burned up my Thinkpad trying to mine Bitcoin. I took a break for a few years after the Mt. Gox...
  3. M

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the crypto space. I started investing in the middle of December. And of course, kept buying coins during the upward climb. haha. I will be honest I fell into the "FOMO" crowd. But I have enjoyed the ride so far. I have about 15 cryptos that I am hodling right...
  4. M

    Hello from Warsaw, Poland

    Hi community, My name is Jan, i've been investing in the cryptospace since 2015. I am a real fan of blockchain technology, and love how many innovative decentralized solutions are coming out each month. Its amazing to think where the technology will take us in the next few years. I'm doing...
  5. evo

    Introduction to Ripple and XRP

    Ripple is a company offering solutions for faster and more secure payments through blockchain technology. Last year, they partnered with the SBI Group, a large Japanese banking consortium. The solution targeting banks consists at the core of Ripple Connect (messaging layer) and the Interledger...