1. TRPtoken

    New to this Awesome FORUM.

    Hello, Iam Mak Sala ,40 Years from Jordan ,live in Bangkok / Thailand since 2010 ,my work is Consultant/Expert in Social Media Marketing,SEO and eMarketing. I read very great News about this Forum,which encourage me to be member of this big Family,since iam in Cryptocurrency Digital World...
  2. evo

    In 10 years, you will wish you invested in cryptocurrency

    Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Any Other Commodity Why would someone looking for an alternative to government-issued currency not buy gold instead? There are a few reasons. First, gold isn't very fungible -- that is, it isn't easy to use as a replacement for cash in order to buy goods or...
  3. evo

    Why did you start investing in cryptocurrency?

    We all discovered cryptocurrency for different reasons, but why did you start investing in cryptocurrency?
  4. evo

    Risks of investing into cryptocurrency

    Regarding financial investing, here is one person's personal perspective when it comes to investing into cryptocurrency: When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, I'm bullish, but this serves as a reminder to take precautions when it comes to holding/investing for the long term.