1. V4Vendetta

    IRS lessens demands of customer data from Coinbase

    “Further, the breadth of the summons, which seeks substantial personal information that is not at all relevant to tax compliance issues, and which could expose these clients to significant risk of having their identity and funds stolen by hackers who have succeeded previously in hacking the...
  2. V4Vendetta

    802 people reported Bitcoin transactions to the IRS

    "The IRS searched the MTRDB for Form 8949 data for tax years 2013 through 2015. I received the results of those searches. Those results reflect that in 2013, 807 individuals reported a transaction on Form 8949 using a property description likely related to bitcoin; in 2014, 893 individuals...
  3. evo

    IRS about to present a digital currency strategy to Congress

    The US Congress wants answers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about its investigation into Bitcoin tax avoidance, and they are due next week. Senator Orrin Hatch, Representative Kevin Brady, and Representative Vern Buchanan have requested information about the IRS’s overall strategy...