1. evo

    Fundamental analysis for Ripple shows XRP reaching $17-30 within 2 years

    Its easy to see that Ripple offers tremendous value to financial-institutions and retail investors. These two groups make up 358 billion (numbers from 2013) non-cash cross-country annual transactions, and the FOREX market which sees more than $5.1 trillion $USD each day. Per a report released by...
  2. evo

    Ripple adds support for XRP to 6 new exchanges

    Today, Ripple announced support for XRP on 6 new exchanges in Mexico, Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Singapore. Bitso (Mexico) Coinone (Korea) bitbank (Japan) Satoshi Citadel (Philippines) Quoine (Singapore) SBI Group (Japan) These are some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in their...
  3. evo

    GMO Internet launches new bitcoin trading platform

    GMO-Z Coin, an affiliate of Japanese online services company GMO Internet, will launch on May 24 an online trading platform for Bitcoin, letting users buy and sell the currency directly as well as with leverage in a method akin to foreign exchange trading. The operator expects domestic users to...
  4. evo

    Coincheck launches interest-paying Bitcoin accounts in Japan

    Japanese Bitcoin holders will soon be able to reap virtual interest, as domestic exchange Coincheck is launching the country's first interest-paying fixed deposit accounts for the digital currency. The Tokyo-based Coincheck will offer four plans, letting users deposit their currency for 14 days...
  5. evo

    Ripple has signed more than 75 banks

    Ripple, which offers a blockchain for faster settlement of international payments, has added 75 banking clients to its blockchain network. Here's an example of some of the banks that have signed up for Ripple: Bank of America RBC Standard Chartered UBS BBVA (Spain) MUFG (Japan) Akbank...
  6. evo

    Price of Bitcoin should increase as Japan prints cash

    This chart demonstrates Japan's struggling economy and poorly performing 10-year yields. For the first time since 2007, Japan's 10-year yields have declined back to 0%, and yields could drop to a negative percentage rate at any time in the near future, as the Japanese government continues to...