market cipher

  1. evo

    Market Cipher 25% Coupon Code

    Market Cipher 25% Coupon Code For new customers wanting to sign up with Market Cipher, here is a 25% coupon code, which can be applied to any Market Cipher Trading package. You can see the exact coupon code in the screenshot above, as I applied it just now, and it works great! And we are not a...
  2. evo

    Market Cipher A - Trend Analysis - Symbols & Indicators Guide

    Market Cipher A Trading Symbols and Indicators Guide Market Cipher A is intended for Trend Analysis, and can be used with Regular Candles or Heiken Ashi Candles. EMA Ribbons Symbolic Guidance Identify your Trading Environment Yellow and Red Diamonds Yellow and Red Diamonds are trend strength...
  3. evo

    Market Cipher B - Momentum Trading - Symbols & Indicators Guide

    Market Cipher B Trading Symbols and Indicators Guide Market Cipher B is intended for Momentum Trading, and can be used with Regular Candles or Heiken Ashi Candles. 6 oscillators optimized and consolidated into one Green Dot market bottoms Ultimate market barometer and trade initiator Money...
  4. evo

    Market Cipher SR - Intraday Scalping - Symbols & Indicators Guide

    Market Cipher SR Trading Symbols and Indicators Guide Market Cipher SR is intended for Intraday Scalping, and should be used with Regular Candles. Heavy emphasis on intraday indicators Support and Resistance plots Used for isolating key levels Range High The Range High line indicates the...
  5. evo

    Market Cipher - Free Download

    Market Cipher - Free Download For those wanting to use Market Cipher trading indicators for free on Trading View, below are free downloads for Market Cipher: Market Cipher A - Free Download Market Cipher B - Free Download Market Cipher DBSI - Free Download Additional Market Cipher Resources...
  6. evo

    Market Cipher DBSI

    Market Cipher DBSI This indicator is based on Marker Cipher DBSI and has been modified with a larger numerical range, to provide better results. Using the Market Cipher DBSI indicator shows the Dual Band Strength Index of buyers and sellers competing in the markets. Calculating Market Cipher...
  7. evo

    VMC Swing Trading Indicator

    VMC Swing Trading Indicator The VuManChu Swing trading indicator is a Range Filter, with Buy and Sell trading signals, based on your Swing Time settings. Swing Trading Timing Settings - Swing Period and Swing Multiplier Works great with Market Cipher
  8. evo

    Leverage Trading Strategy for Beginners using Market Cipher

    Leverage Trading Strategy for Beginners This is a basic leverage trading strategy for traders who are new to leverage trading. Spot trading is fairly simple and straightforward, and minimizes most risk. Leverage trading has high risk, and of course, high rewards also. And Binance will require...
  9. evo

    Five Minute Market Cipher Day Trade Strategy

    Five Minute Day Trade Strategy This is a solid day trading strategy that has been working consistently. And if you're making a short position, works great in conjunction with this Short Position strategy. 5 Minute Timeframe: Green Dot on Market Cipher, confirmed with two 5-minute green...
  10. evo

    Market Cipher B

    Market Cipher B + Divergences Market Cipher B is an all-in-one oscillator allowing for more quality indications than ever before. It combines five algorithms (some well-known, some custom) that have all been fine-tuned and smoothed for optimal analysis and trading results. When all of the...
  11. evo

    Market Cipher A

    Market Cipher A Market Cipher A is an EMA ribbon comprised of 8 EMAs that are blue/white during a bull market and gray during a bear market. The intersections of these lines can be very strong lagging indications, so we have programmed Cipher A to project symbols which correspond to various...
  12. evo

    Opening a Short Position - Market Cipher Strategy

    Opening a Short Position Trade Market Cipher Pattern Strategy Using the Market Cipher trading signals and indicators, here is a solid strategy for opening a short position and making profit. Focus on 15m or higher timeframes: Red Diamond (Bearish) RSI and Stochastic RSI are going downwards...
  13. cryptorum

    Understanding Market Cipher Trading Symbols and Indicators

    When sharing technical analysis for different cryptocurrencies, Market Cipher Trading is used to analyze and decipher what's happening in the market. Market Cipher has proven to be a valuable tool for traders, as it combines multiple indicators into a comprehensive overview that overlays across...