1. Alexander Pearson

    A Short Story About My Experience With Cryptocurrency

    Hi everyone, sorry for taking your time but I just feel like I should drop this here to share my story and also recommend Andriana Velasco of Cryptostations. I can’t really say I met Andriana at the right time because I was going through a dark phase in the crypto market. I came across her on...
  2. evo

    Winding Tree Whitepaper - Travel Distribution Market

    Winding Tree Whitepaper A Practical Application of Blockchain for the Travel Industry Using blockchain technology to enable a fair and competitive travel distribution market Winding Tree is a decentralized travel distribution network. It is built on top of Ethereum platform and owned by the...
  3. evo

    Cryptocurrency market was slaughtered last night!

    Wow. Last night was crazy! I watched it all unfold... the entire cryptocurrency market was slaughtered last night! Some whales probably sold and crashed everyone's margin positions. And people are buying some huge orders right now across all coins. All the gains from the last month have been...