1. evo

    IOTA Whitepaper - Tangle - Cryptocurrency for Internet-of-Things

    Abstract In this paper we analyze the technology used as a backbone of IOTA (a cryptocurrency for Internet-of-Things industry). This technology naturally succeeds the blockchain technology as its next evolutionary step and comes out with features required for micropayments conducted on a global...
  2. V4Vendetta

    Is IOTA (MIOTA) a scam or another poorly rolled out startup?

    What's going on with IOTA?.... (now "MIOTA" apparently). IOTA launched on Bitfinex this week, Tuesday, trading around the $0.55-0.66 range during the first day but also opened with just under a $2 billion dollar market cap. By day two, Wednesday, the price was sitting around $0.53 and had lost...