1. J

    Making your own crypto?

    I want to make my own crypto but I am not much of a programmer. Is there any premade scripts or programs that can help me make my own crypto. Any help is appreciated. and also if it can be as private and secure as monero that would also be a huge plus in my book :).
  2. M

    Hello from Warsaw, Poland

    Hi community, My name is Jan, i've been investing in the cryptospace since 2015. I am a real fan of blockchain technology, and love how many innovative decentralized solutions are coming out each month. Its amazing to think where the technology will take us in the next few years. I'm doing...
  3. evo

    Ring Signature Confidential Transactions

    Ring Signature Confidential Transactions Monero Research Lab Papers MRL-0005 Abstract This article introduces a method of hiding transaction amounts in the strongly decentralized anonymous cryptocurrency Monero. Similar to Bitcoin, Monero is a cryptocurrency which is distributed through a proof...
  4. evo

    Improving Obfuscation in the CryptoNote Protocol

    Improving Obfuscation in the CryptoNote Protocol Monero Research Lab Papers MRL-0004 Abstract We identify several blockchain analysis attacks available to degrade the untraceability of the CryptoNote 2.0 protocol. We analyze possible solutions, discuss the relative merits and drawbacks to those...
  5. evo

    Monero is Not That Mysterious

    Monero is Not That Mysterious Monero Research Lab Papers MRL-0003 Introduction Recently, there have been some vague fears about the CryptoNote source code and protocol floating around the internet based on the fact that it is a more complicated protocol than, for instance, Bitcoin. The purpose...
  6. evo

    Counterfeiting via Merkle Tree Exploits within Virtual Currencies Employing the CryptoNote Protocol

    Counterfeiting via Merkle Tree Exploits within Virtual Currencies Employing the CryptoNote Protocol Monero Research Lab Papers MRL-0002: Abstract On 4 September 2014, an unusual and novel attack was executed against the Monero cryptocurrency network. This attack partitioned the network into two...
  7. evo

    A Note on Chain Reactions in Traceability in CryptoNote

    A Note on Chain Reactions in Traceability in CryptoNote 2.0 Monero Research Lab Papers MRL-0001 Abstract This research bulletin describes a plausible attack on a ring-signature based anonymity system. We use as motivation the cryptocurrency protocol CryptoNote 2.0 ostensibly published by...
  8. evo

    Monero Whitepaper - CryptoNote - Privacy, Decentralization, Scalability

    Monero (previously known as Bitmonero) is one of the first CryptoNote coins. It utilizes the same values every CryptoNote coin does – privacy, decentralization and fungibility. Monero development is community-driven, based on donations and with a focus on decentralization and scalability...
  9. evo

    Jaxx wallet to include Ripple, Monero, Siacoin, PIVX, and many more

    Jaxx, a popular digital currency wallet, has announced full plans to add Ripple, Monero, PIVX, Siacoin, and many more cryptocurrencies to their product offerings. Jaxx wants to be the ultimate blockchain dashboard. Jaxx has revealed its future roadmap will include working with the following...
  10. evo

    Ripple passes Ethereum to become second largest cryptocurrency

    This week, Ripple has passed Ethereum to become the second largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization. The top 10 cryptocoins are: Bitcoin (BTC) Ripple (XRP) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) NEM (XEM) Dash (DASH) Ethereum Classic (ETC) Monero (XMR) Stellar Lumens (XLM) Augur (REP)
  11. evo

    Monero Whitepaper - CryptoNote

    Monero CryptoNote Nicolas van Saberhagen “Bitcoin” has been a successful implementation of the concept of p2p electronic cash. Both professionals and the general public have come to appreciate the convenient combination of public transactions and proof-of-work as a trust model. Today, the...
  12. evo

    Top 10 Altcoins of 2017

    Here are the top 10 Altcoins: Ethereum Backed by Microsoft and Intel, this is the biggest rival to Bitcoin. The purpose of Ethereum is smart contracts, where agreements are binded into the blockchain. Ripple Backed by Google, Ripple has attracted massive venture capital funding. The purpose...