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    All over the internet I could see Bitcoin was doing well

    All over the internet I could see Bitcoin was doing well, it seemed like a pretty smart investment so I put some money into this trading platform. At the beginning all looked good unti I needed to make a withdrawal, then was told I needed to upgrade my membership with more funds, which I did and...
  2. william775

    ProperSix Crypto Casino

    The largest crypto network technology Bounty Propersix. The most ideal approach to procure crypto for tenderfoots is Proper6. Get free giveaway by a Blockchain venture. Join Proper6
  3. mediaprojectco

    Crowdmining Platform ICO & Mining.Invest in CM Tokens & Earn 3% Daily.

    The project started on February 2, 2019. The real company with a real business, Crowdmining is an ICO project that produces its own cryptocurrency. Start Date: 02/02/19 Registration in the project and bonuses TOKENS here: The minimum deposit amount: $ 9 / $ 4.5. Optimal...
  4. B


    Crypto expects to recover, much less wildly after the end of every bear cycle. The technical solution it brings, mainly for the commercial space, intends to stay with both improvements and setbacks in hindsight. The question about whether or not a cryptocurrency asset would one-day be worth...
  5. B

    Over One Third of German Big Business Finds Blockchain Tech as Impactful as Internet

    According to a recent survey, over one third of big businesses in Germany consider blockchaintechnology as revolutionary as the Internet, In addition to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT), blockchain technology is one of the current three areas of development with...
  6. B

    BTC has gigantic potential

    Spencer Bogart, a partner at Block chain Capital, believes that opportunities are “still gigantic” despite the current bear market, maintaining his pro-Bitcoin (BTC) stance, pointing out the critical role of “programmable money,” which is supposed to gain even more popularity over time. Bogart...
  7. B

    Countries in which Bitcoin is banned or legal?

    Countries in which Bitcoin is banned (as of July 2018) one way or another: India, Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Iceland; Countries in which Bitcoin is legal: the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, UAE...
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    Hi all,i m here to help people that have lost money with BITCONNECT
  9. Areding

    CashBackCoin LTD - cryptocurrency asset management service

    CashBackCoin LTD is a decentralized, self-regulatory financial payment network created for users who want to be independent of third parties such as banks or governments. Every day blockchain enters all spheres of our life more and more and it is obvious that in the near future it will...
  10. Ethereum Rich


    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ETHEREUM RICH (ER) TOKEN BITCOINTALK AIRDROP GET YOUR 1000 ER TOKEN FOR FREE (worth of 2000 USD)! Requirement: Email Ethereum ERC20 wallet Bitcointalk account Gas fee 0.005 ETH Task: Fill Bitcointalk Airdrop form Make a new topic on...
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    News Ethereum Rich Writers Competition - WIN 500 ER TOKEN WORTH OF 1000 USD!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ETHEREUM RICH (ER) WRITERS COMPETITION WIN 500 ER TOKEN WORTH OF 1000 USD! Requirement: Ethereum Rich article Email Ethereum address Task: Write an article about Ethereum Rich on English with minimum 100 words Go online your article at a website...
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    Bitcoin and Organized Crime

    A French security official was arrested last week on charges of selling state secrets on the dark web and accepting bitcoin in return. Has bitcoin become the preferred payment method of organized crime? Judas sold Jesus Christ for 12 pieces of silver, one of the highest crimes till date, and up...
  13. B


    We at believe that the confidence in Bitcoin is not going to fade away and only for those who have complete knowledge on the subject and who are aware that bitcoin is the result of a highly secure technological marvel called the Blockchain and it is here only to stay. But those people...
  14. Ethereum Rich

    News Ethereum Rich Token Airdrop Referral - 100 TOKEN WORTH OF 200 USD per referral!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ETHEREUM RICH (ER) TOKEN AIRDROP GET YOUR 500 ER TOKEN FOR FREE (worth of 1000 USD) Requirement: Ethereum address REFERRAL ID Task: Join Airdrop referral program to get your referral ID Invite your friends to join our Airdrop program Ask your friends...
  15. Ethereum Rich

    News Ethereum Rich Token Airdrop - FREE 500 ER TOKEN WORTH OF 1000 USD!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ETHEREUM RICH (ER) TOKEN AIRDROP GET YOUR 500 ER TOKEN FOR FREE (worth of 1000 USD) Requirement: Email Ethereum address Gas fee 0.005 ETH Task: Like ER Facebook page Share ER Facebook post Follow ER Twitter page Retweet ER Twitter post ER Token...
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    Belgium has 8 Bitcoin ATM machines

    Hello, everyone, I have a news. In Belgium, there are total 8 Bitcoin ATM machine. In Antwerp 3 ATMs In Brussels 2 ATMs In Ghent 1 ATM In Hasselt 1 ATM In Sint-Truiden 1 ATM Belgium has set a marvelous example. This is a milestone achievement. This will certainly enhance the scope of bitcoins...
  17. B

    Is anonymity the future for bitcoin???

    We at believe that anonymity will create a trust deficit in Bitcoin as a viable investment option and a value storing digital currency. The only reason why there is so much confidence in the market for Bitcoin is that all the transactions are available in the public domain in real...
  18. B

    Which Will Survive In Long Run Bitcoin Or Blockchain???

    To say the least, Bitcoin and blockchain technology are indispensable. Bitcoin is a byproduct of Blockchain technology and both go hand in hand. However, if we talk about which is to stay longer then obviously Blockchain technology is to stay here in the long run. Blockchain technology is a...
  19. B

    Reason why bitcoin is better than fiat

    We at believe that Cryptocurrency and fiat currency are the two sides of a coin. Fiat currencies are regulated and recognized by the Government of the day in most countries whereas Cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon due to their global presence and acceptance despite...
  20. B

    Why is bitcoin not a currency?

    We at are of the view that Bitcoin is not a currency due to the following reasons: Not Asset-backed: Firstly, Bitcoin is not an asset-backed currency just like any other fiat currency backed by gold or oil such as the USD, GBP, Euro, or INR. However, Bitcoin can be considered to be...