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    Trading NFTs and how to make huge profits

    If anyone is interested in learning NFT's and getting on the right project without getting into loss, well this is the right time to get some right alpha callings and make some insane profits off nice projects take a look at BAYC it was first first sold off at $200.Now an avg BAYC sells for 80k...
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    Conjectures on the Sociology of Virtual Citizens of the PUGG Metaverse

    Liu Cixin constructed the sociology of the universe in The Three-Body Problem. Starting from two self-evident fundamental axioms: 1. Survival is the first need of civilization. 2. Civilizations continue to grow and expand, but the total amount of matter in the universe remains the same. At...
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    YearnNFT Marketplace Presents Buy, Sell, and Minting Model

    According to the Google trends, majority people are searching for the term- NFTs rather than Cryptocurrency. That itself shows that we are not late enough to look for a way to join millionaires by selling and flipping NFTs. You can do anything with NFTs as the digital asset class has been...
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    How big is the space of the NFT market, what are the current problems, where is the direction, and how will it be laid out in the future?

    Recently, as the encryption market continues to heat up, holding digital encrypted assets in hand will not only show that it is different from others, but also reflect its value. What is NFT? What are the characteristics compared to other tokens? NFT, Non-Fungible Token, is a special...
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    22 year old boy from Indonesian makes $1M by selling NFT selfies

    Ghozali went through five years clicking selfies before his PC, which was subsequently changed over into NFTs and added into OpenSea in December 2021. An Indonesian understudy has apparently turned into a tycoon by selling non-fungible token(NFT) variants of his selfies on the OpenSea NFT...
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    FTX exchange ready to offer $1M prize for banks to accept stablecoin

    Stablecoins like USDT are under scrutiny in the United States, for certain lawmakers calling for greater regulatory oversight of the industry. Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX is calling on banks to reach out and discuss the possibility of accepting stablecoins in exchange for a $1...
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    What is Stan Lee’s 7 'Chakras' that make Chakra invincible NFT?

    Chakra has 7 'Chakras' that make it unstoppable. NFT is one of the collection's unique NFTs. Because of their origin, which reveals the source of Chakra's power, they are expected to gross the most. This NFT is available through Beyondlife.
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    What are Stan Lee’s B’day special NFTs?

    Stan Lee’s B’day Special NFTs are the most special one out of the rest. It is a tribute to Stan Lee’s 99th birthday and to pay homage to him, this NFT is released and they are expected to be the most anticipated NFT in the collection from
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    What is Stan Lee's Chakra the Invincible NFTs?

    Stan Lee's Chakra the Invincible NFTs are going to be live soon by the end of this year. This platform has prior success in this field and it is expected to be a successful one. This NFT collection has a wide range of NFTs that can be bought in a fashionable way. Sign Up and Fund your Wallet...
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    What is Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs?

    Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs are the latest talk of the town. It has been planned to be launched on on 27th of December. Stan lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs is the most anticipated NFT collection and it is expected to be grand. Buy your NFT's by Sign up...
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    What are Stan Lee's NFT collection Featuring Chakra’s powers?

    Stan Lee's NFT collection featuring Chakra’s powers is one of the scarcest NFT in Chakra’s NFT collection. It is a lithograph that is personally signed by the legend himself, Stan Lee from numerous years ago. Thus, this NFT is very special and it can be bought at an auction that is going to be...
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    Sign up and Get NFT collection featuring Chakra’s powers?

    An NFT collection featuring Chakra’s powers is considered to be one of the rarest NFT in the collection. It is a lithograph autographed personally by Stan Lee himself from many years ago. Therefore, the value of this NFT asset is very high and is very limited. Thus, the buyer should be very...