1. evo

    The Birb Nest - Stochastic Oscillator

    The Birb Nest - Stochastic Oscillator, Stochastic of Tenkan, Kijun of Ichimoku Custom indicator from The Birb Nest, based on: Stochastic Oscillator Ribbon showing momentum per Stochastic oscillator crossovers Stochastic of Tenkan and Kijun of Ichimoku Displays the relation of distance...
  2. evo

    Elliott Wave Oscillator

    This Elliott Wave Oscillator is intended to be used with other Elliott Wave tools. When using this Elliott Wave Oscillator on Trading View: Higher Values for Third Wave up Lower Values, Positive, for the First Wave and Fifth Wave up Negative Values for the biggest market corrections or...
  3. evo

    Wave Trend Oscillator Trading Signals

    Wave Trend Oscillator Trading Signals When oscillator is above the overbought band (red lines) and crosses down the signal (dotted line), then Sell. When oscillator crosses above the signal (dotted lines) when below the Oversold band (green lines), then Buy. Wave Trend Oscillator Settings...