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    How to store XRP on a flash drive

    Hi; Any help with regards to the following would be appreciated; I bought some ripple via coinbase - Binance and am storing them solely on my PC on Ripple Wallet. How do I take an off line backup say on a flashdrive which I can then store in a safe place. So if my PC dies I still have my...
  2. evo

    Cryptosteel is an indestructible stainless steel cryptocurrency wallet

    A paper wallet can become damaged or destroyed. I've heard people record their secret keys onto a pieces of paper and then laminated to preserve their paper wallets. And then I heard about Cryptosteel, which is an indestructible tool for storing sensitive information as a sequence of...
  3. evo

    Buying and Storing Ripple

    Here's a how to guide for buying and storing Ripple for the long term. Buying Ripple (XRP) The quickest, easiest way to buy Ripple is to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase, transfer to Poloniex, convert BTC to XRP, and then transfer your XRP to your wallet for proper storage. Complete step by step guide...