1. S

    New trading platform for prediction markets

    Hi, A few weeks ago we launched a trading platform for prediction markets. It's a centralized Ethereum-based platform for betting on the outcome of events in areas such as Business, Technology, Finance, Sports and Politics. One of the first problems we're trying to solve with it is ICO scams...
  2. V4Vendetta

    The crypto blood bath and 2018 predictions.

    So as we are all witnessing, the crypto markets are experiencing a massive correction. There are many potential factors as to why this is happening. Some of these may include: panic sales, banker manipulation via futures trading, banks denying service for buying crypto, mass sell off for...
  3. evo

    0x Protocol ZRX Predictions

    I've been looking at 0x Protocol Exchange, which trades as ZRX. Yes, this is speculation, but the more research I've done, the more blue sky I see in the upcoming years for this coin. ZRX is positioned to become the trading standard for ERC20 tokens. It has the most flexible approach and caters...
  4. V4Vendetta

    V's crypto predictions for Sep 2017

    As of 8:30pm CST, the crypto markets look like they are in free fall. However, for anyone who has been following crypto longer than over the last month, this is nothing new. From China's decision to ban ICO's and then temporarily shut down local exchanges until the government establishes what...
  5. evo

    Bitcoin Long Term Speculative Predictions

    There seems to be more and more speculative predictions on the long term potential of Bitcoin. Dedicating this thread to the most recent long term predictions of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Price Could Reach $10,000 In Few Months, With Fund Managers Bullish Sentiment CNBC Covfefe: Bitcoin Price Could Hit...
  6. V4Vendetta

    Forum comments determining BTC price?

    A recent study suggests that forum comments predict the price of Bitcoin with 80% accuracy. In that case I predict Bitcoin will be worth $1 million per coin by next week. Let's make this happen! Ha ha
  7. evo

    XRP Ripple Predictions

    Here are the recent predictions for XRP (Ripple): 2017 Q4 Reach stability at .075 USD Will peak at .11 USD and dump quickly back to .075 2018 Q1 - Q3: Reach stability around .34 USD Q4: Will peak at .60 USD 2019 Will reach .80 USD