1. C

    SQUID GAME Token gets a Rug Pull in a funny Livestream

    The_Dent was live-streaming the gigantic valorization of the Squid Game Token when the value went to zero, transforming one of the biggest and funny Rug Pulls yet. The_Dent turned the Livestream video into an NFT and put it up for sale on the OpenSea platform. The Twitch Streamer The_Dent was...
  2. S

    scam on bybit derivatives

    Hello, i got liquidated on bybit exchange and lost all my money, but as fact my lost was around 60% based on trade's details ( I was liquidated 3 times (also btcusd and xrpusd, tilt after SOLUSDT), but i will describe first one, in two other was all same. Let we calculate it...
  3. V4Vendetta

    This guy nails the ongoing Bitconnect scam

    Bitconnect is continuing to scam people. Check out this guy's video on some of the big Bitconnect players, and the legal aspects that are ongoing.
  4. V4Vendetta

    Benebit ICO runs off with investors funds

    Benebit, another overly hyped ICO pulled an exit scam and ran off with about $2.7 million of investors funds. Yet another reason to be careful when choosing an ICO to invest in.
  5. V4Vendetta

    Bitconnect is crypto's Harold Camping

    The rise and fall of Bitconnect rocked the crypto currency world. Many saw early on that Bitconnect had all the hallmarks of a pyramid Ponzi scheme. But like any pyramid Ponzi scheme you can make a lot of money if you're in early, and out before the exit scam. In Bitconnect's case they left a...
  6. V4Vendetta

    Looks like Bitconnect finally pulled their exit scam.

    Bitconnect is reportedly dead. Virtually no one can log in and the price has plummeted under $40. They released a statement today that they are halting their lending and exchange platform. All this leading up to a supposed launch of a new Bitconnect ICO called BCCX. But considering this...
  7. guem juergen76 is fraudulent and doesn't pay

    Hash Block at is fraudulent and fake. Their telephone number is not correct and and I never received my funds.
  8. V4Vendetta

    iDice is all the rage but many warn it's the next ICO scam

    If you follow all the various crypto news sites, a new ICO, iDice seems to be all the rage. It touts itself as the Ethereum Dice game, "the world's first mobile blockchain gambling app." asserts that it could follow the path of other cryptos, earning...
  9. Andy

    Karl Denninger says digital currencies are all a scam

    I'm a sporadic follower of Karl Denninger's posts and generally I find him to be extremely intelligent and, more often than not, correct. Having said that, I am a hoarder of a few cryptos. I suspect/hope he might be wrong this time. I'd be interested in the forum members' thoughts on one of...
  10. Andy

    Ecoin Plus disappears with investors’ cash

    "Alleged Bitcoin investment scheme Ecoin Plus has disappeared and closed its website, leaving investors with nothing..." More:
  11. V4Vendetta

    Is IOTA (MIOTA) a scam or another poorly rolled out startup?

    What's going on with IOTA?.... (now "MIOTA" apparently). IOTA launched on Bitfinex this week, Tuesday, trading around the $0.55-0.66 range during the first day but also opened with just under a $2 billion dollar market cap. By day two, Wednesday, the price was sitting around $0.53 and had lost...
  12. V4Vendetta

    BEWARE: We Grow Bitcoin, Ethereum Project, and Ethereum Chamber are scams.

    "We Grow Bitcoins encourages users to make a ‘donation’ of 0.01BTC and sign up 5 additional members to the company, each of whom ‘donate’ 0.01BTC to the referrer. Users are then encouraged to sign up more users and donate larger sums in exchange for promised monthly returns of up to 62 BTC...