1. MrEasteregg

    Introducing Lunariz (LNRZ) NFT Initial Minting Rewards!

    Initial Minting Rewards is the first distribution of the Lunariz Token (LNRZ). Get a unique NFT for a limited time only and receive LNRZ. The LNRZ amount vary depending on the Phase you mint in. People Minting an NFT in the IMR will also be signged up for automaticity be airdropped in each...
  2. evo

    Solana Staking: Solana launches new staking pools

    The Solana Foundation has announced Stake Pools to increase the network’s security, promote censorship resistance, and rewards SOL holders in the process:
  3. evo

    Solana - Technical Analysis - $SOL

    Solana - $SOL Technical Analysis For the last couple weeks, Solana has come out of nowhere on nearly all the YouTube crypto channels as the next smart contract coin. Solana has more real world use case, volume, users, and traction than Polkadot and Cardano, and has the right people behind it as...