technical analysis

  1. evo

    Hex - Technical Analysis - $HEX

    I keep hearing about Hex, which describes itself as the first certificate of deposit for the blockchain. Looking at the charts... On the 4 hour, Hex price action has been respecting several daily and weekly support/resistance levels. And the trend is upward... Hex is currently breaking through...
  2. evo

    Pancake Swap - Technical Analysis - $CAKE

    Pancake Swap - $CAKE Technical Analysis and Price Predictions Pancake Swap is the largest DEX on the Binance Smart Chain, and has been doing more volume than Uniswap lately. The second biggest DeFi project on the Binance blockchain is Venus, which has a lower market cap, and compliments Pancake...
  3. evo

    Solana - Technical Analysis - $SOL

    Solana - $SOL Technical Analysis For the last couple weeks, Solana has come out of nowhere on nearly all the YouTube crypto channels as the next smart contract coin. Solana has more real world use case, volume, users, and traction than Polkadot and Cardano, and has the right people behind it as...
  4. evo

    Celsius Network - Technical Analysis - $CEL

    Celsius Network - $CEL Technical Analysis After having an extended period of sideway movement, Celsius finally showed some life 10 days ago and reached a new high. Looking at where it's at today, it's having a nice consolidation period. A decision will need to be made within the next 7 days...
  5. evo

    QuickSwap Technical Analysis - $QUICK

    QuickSwap - $QUICK Technical Analysis I've been hearing about QuickSwap for the last few days and decided to not jump into it... it was around $1100 when I heard about it, and then it pumped up to $1800 before retracing back down to the $1500 zone. And before I went to bed, I did a quick...
  6. evo

    Ethereum Technical Analysis and Price Predictions

    Ethereum Technical Analysis and Price Predictions For technical analysis and price predictions for Ethereum - $ETH
  7. evo

    Opening a Short Position - Market Cipher Strategy

    Opening a Short Position Trade Market Cipher Pattern Strategy Using the Market Cipher trading signals and indicators, here is a solid strategy for opening a short position and making profit. Focus on 15m or higher timeframes: Red Diamond (Bearish) RSI and Stochastic RSI are going downwards...
  8. evo

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis and Price Predictions

    Bitcoin Technical Analysis and Price Predictions - $BTC This is what is expected from Bitcoin, as things go according to plan: And we are still moving along:
  9. evo

    SuperFarm - Technical Analysis - $SUPER

    SuperFarm - Technical Analysis - $SUPER SuperFarm has hit $2 in this market dump, which is about as low as I expect it to go. A token unlock is expected in the next few days, but otherwise, this is a great price for a good project:
  10. evo

    bZx Protocol - Technical Analysis - $BZRX

    bZx Protocol - Technical Analysis - $BZRX BEL is now in the Buy Zone, of $0.70 to $0.80 The 8h chart shows you the setup, and it might go lower and bounce off the trending support line: A closer look at the 24m chart shows we are deep in the buy zone:
  11. evo

    Bella Protocol - Technical Analysis - $BEL

    Bella Protocol - Technical Analysis - $BEL BEL is now in the Buy Zone, of $3.20 to $3.60 On the 4h chart: And looking closer at the 24m chart:
  12. evo

    Cardano - Technical Analysis - $ADA

    Cardano Technical Analysis - $ADA Cardano is a large market cap coin that has done extremely well this bull cycle, outperforming many other coins. And there is still more room to grow this cycle. Some analysts I trust expect ADA to reach $4 this cycle, and if things go absolutely parabolic crazy...
  13. evo

    Fantom - Technical Analysis - $FTM

    Fantom Technical Analysis - $FTM Fantom has broken through resistance and retested successfully, now presenting a buying opportunity. If it fails to hold the new bullish resistance level, set your stop loss and prepare for a better entry position. And if holds, prepare to take short term profits...
  14. evo

    Terra Virtua Kolect - Technical Analysis - $TVK

    Terra Virtua Kolect Technical Analysis - $TVK TVK is a currently a small market cap gem, having secured licensing deals with Legendary Pictures and Paramount Studios for future NFT drops. Looking at the 4-hour chart, here you can see where resistance currently is, as we approach a good buying...
  15. evo

    Kusama - Technical Analysis - $KSM

    Kusama Technical Analysis - $KSM Kusama is Polkadot's Canary Network, and it's been surging this bull cycle. Looking at the 8-hour chart, here we can see where the resistance is, and where to focus on the upcoming buy zone for a good entry point.
  16. evo

    Chiliz - Technical Analysis - $CHZ

    Chiliz Technical Analysis - $CHZ Looking at the 8-hour chart for $CHZ, here you can see how things are setting up, and where to target your buy and sell zones:
  17. evo

    Finxflo - Technical Analysis - $FXF

    Finxflo is one of multiple liquidity aggregators, which searches across multiple CEXs and DEXs, to help bring the best trade possible. There are many blockchain platforms trying to do this, but what makes FXF different is they are the only solution that requires KYC verification. And while KYC...
  18. evo

    Uniswap - Technical Analysis - $UNI

    Uniswap Technical Analysis - $UNI Uniswap has broken through resistance, and if it comes back and tests the previous resistance, it will be ready to go! And zooming out, you can see the target for the next move up, and where to set your sell zone:
  19. evo

    Theta - Technical Analysis - $THETA and $TFUEL

    Theta - Technical Analysis - $THETA and $TFUEL We are currently seeing some strong buy signals for getting into $THETA and $TFUEL, charts below: Theta on the 4-Hour Chart // $THETA Theta Fuel on the 4-Hour Chart // $TFUEL
  20. evo

    Chainlink - Technical Analysis - $LINK

    Chainlink Technical Analysis - $LINK Can Chainlink reach a price target of $100 for this cycle high? This technical analysis video discusses the valuation of Chainlink against USD, BTC, and ETH. While LINK/USD is currently in a bull market, we can see that the LINK/BTC and LINK/ETH...