1. msoniji

    Bitcoin Profit Earning Full Guide

    I highly recommend you to read this ebook, inside this ebook you will get high quality techniques to earn profit from bitcoin trading today. Get your ebook here
  2. evo

    Understanding Inflow Signals and Outflow Signals for Trading Bitcoin

    Using On-Chain Analysis to Understand Exchange Flow for Trading Bitcoin For trading Bitcoin, using on-chain analysis on CryptoQuant is another signal that can be used to monitor Bitcoin Inflow and Outflow from exchanges. Below are the Inflow Signals and Outflow Signals that reflect buying and...
  3. evo

    VMC Swing Trading Indicator

    VMC Swing Trading Indicator The VuManChu Swing trading indicator is a Range Filter, with Buy and Sell trading signals, based on your Swing Time settings. Swing Trading Timing Settings - Swing Period and Swing Multiplier Works great with Market Cipher
  4. cryptorum

    Understanding Market Cipher Trading Symbols and Indicators

    When sharing technical analysis for different cryptocurrencies, Market Cipher Trading is used to analyze and decipher what's happening in the market. Market Cipher has proven to be a valuable tool for traders, as it combines multiple indicators into a comprehensive overview that overlays across...
  5. S

    New trading platform for prediction markets

    Hi, A few weeks ago we launched a trading platform for prediction markets. It's a centralized Ethereum-based platform for betting on the outcome of events in areas such as Business, Technology, Finance, Sports and Politics. One of the first problems we're trying to solve with it is ICO scams...
  6. D

    Completely new!

    Hi there! I'm David and I just started learning anything about cryptho. Can anyone help me with something? :D
  7. A

    New and learning about cryptocurrency

    Hi Guys Happy to be here. I am new to crypto currency trading. I was wondering are there any courses available in trading in cryptocurrency for novices. I do not mind paying for the course. Reagdrs Aamod Rao
  8. T

    Why Are Indian Bitcoin Prices Higher Than International Prices?

    All the economists and investors should know that Bitcoin prices in India are quite higher than Bitcoin prices in other countries. Some people think that Bitcoin holds same universal value throughout the world, but that is not true. The value of Bitcoin keeps on changing for different countries...
  9. evo

    Singapore exchange using a blockchain for diamond trading verification

    A diamond exchange service based in Singapore is partnering with two blockchain startups. Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX) is working with Kynetix, which develops blockchain-powered commodity marketplaces; and Everledger, which uses the tech to track the trade of diamonds. The three...
  10. evo

    Bitfinex adds Ripple (XRP) to its trading platform

    Due to popular demand, Bitfinex has added Ripple (XRP) to its cryptocurrency trading exchange. You can now trade XRP/USD and XRP/BTC pairs on Bitfinex. Margin trading for XRP will become available in the near future as volume increases. This is the statement released yesterday by Bitfinex:
  11. Andy

    Australia makes Bitcoin legal and tax free

  12. evo

    GMO Internet launches new bitcoin trading platform

    GMO-Z Coin, an affiliate of Japanese online services company GMO Internet, will launch on May 24 an online trading platform for Bitcoin, letting users buy and sell the currency directly as well as with leverage in a method akin to foreign exchange trading. The operator expects domestic users to...
  13. evo

    Cryptocoin Economic Speculation and Analysis

    While the Cryptocurrency section of the forum is for general crypto discussion, this section is for economic speculation and analysis of cryptocoins. When making any kind of financial decision or trade, please remember to always do your own research and due diligence. Never invest money you...