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    Dear investor,welcome to TronAMC❗️ 1. Company Profile. -TronAMC was founded at 2017,managed more than 6M TRX asset, have 50 thousands more subscriber,provide investors with steady, high rate revenue continuously, and will support more cryptocurrency soon. 2.How it works? -Invest your TRX...
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    Cheapest Fastest Method for sending Crypto across Exchanges

    When you need to send crypto from one exchange to another, the easiest way is sending the crypto using the native blockchain, however then you have to pay a high gas fee and it takes time for the transfer to arrive because exchanges require a specific number of confirmed transactions before your...
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    Ok ... going where the action is ..Gaming

    Hello everyone.. I started investing in cryptocurrencies about a month whale just a goldfish picking up crumbs .. ADA , XVG , XRP.. ..without a clue as to what I was even buying other than hype .. Most of the bitcpin terminology is abstract and the value was hard to see .... Ripple/XRP...
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    Buy Tron with USD

    Here is a simple video, on how to buy Tron Coin!