1. evo

    Cheapest Fastest Method for sending Crypto across Exchanges

    When you need to send crypto from one exchange to another, the easiest way is sending the crypto using the native blockchain, however then you have to pay a high gas fee and it takes time for the transfer to arrive because exchanges require a specific number of confirmed transactions before your...
  2. C

    Bitcoin to USDT on Binance problem?

    I transferred $234.00 from Bitcoin to usdt on Binance. (Don't ask my why). It will not let me exchange it for Bitcoin. It says amount is to small or I have to have at least a .1 to sell my usdt. It's just stuck sitting there. Any ideas or suggestions please.
  3. evo

    Ethereum flash crashed on Kraken

    Late last night, in the early hours of the morning, Ethereum experienced a massive flash crash on Kraken, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, due to a DDoS attack. Ethereum has been trading around the $92 USDT mark, and the flash crash brought the price all the way down to $26. DDoS is a...