1. M

    What type of wallet do you use?

    NOTE: this is to my current understanding if you see anything wrong with my understanding please comment. I am a beginner to crypto How much control do company have users transfer value from one user to another? Lets first talk about transactions If I want to send bitcoin to my friend I...
  2. Leroy67

    Advice on buying Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum?

    Awe right guys, my names Leroy, I'm from Scotland and I'm new to Crypto Been watching it for a few months, so decided to bite the bullet and go for it I started off with Coinbase because I was originally looking at Litecoin, and possibly Ethereum. And my wallet for that is Jaxx (and Bread) ...
  3. evo

    Problems accessing Ripple on Gatehub

    Gatehub has been having server problems along with widespread issues of users not being able to access their Ripple wallets. Gatehub does not store Ripple the same way that Poloniex does. Poloniex holds your XRP on your behalf and issues XRP for you to trade. When you trade on Poloniex, they...