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    YFNFT Contract & Consensus Successfully Completes Its Audit Process with InterFi Network!

    YFNFT Team started the contract development of the NFT minting model which will be followed to release the NFT marketplace. We are building YearnNFT as a high-volume NFT Marketplace, so it is important for us to audit the YFNFT smart contract. The project was successful in working with the best...
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    News Top Celebrities Joining the Crypto NFT Craze with YearnNFT Finance

    Non-Fungible Tokens are in talks as latest craze in the world of Blockchain. We see massive interest in the domains of NFT both in Bollywood as well Hollywood, therefore YearnNFT plans introduce a unique abstract artworks of celebrities and artists alike in the near future. NFTs described as a...
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    Biggest Update of All- Check Out New Releases At YearnNFT Finance!

    YearnNFT Finance is a BSC-based platform ready to boom. The official whitepaper is all set to launch, have a look. YFNFT token Airdrops will commence soon, keep an eye and be the first to grab it. We believe that YFNFT token will be the next big NFT token in this marketplace. YearnNFT bounty...
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    Discover Exclusive Art with YearnNFT Finance and Collect Your Favorite NFT’s

    NFT Marketplaces are now considered incredible spots bestowing to the creation, transformation, buy, bidding, and selling of Digital Art and Collectibles. New startups are utilizing certain Non Fungible Tokens NFTs as the core unit of transactions. These assets hold its default value and cannot...