1k per day with a bot ??

Sep 2021
Hi all,

Today I am going to share with you a reflection and I would like to have your opinion, as well as your feedback (if you have any!).

After 6 months in the crypto world I'm pretty positive (financially), I'm the type to Hold and tp on reliable projects. I mostly rely on developers to invest in a project (who they are, their past experiences, their visions, etc.) and that has paid off most of the time.

But in the end, I'm just an investor, like most people in the crypto world. Besides, I find the term "investor" to be a big word for 99% of us.

My thinking is this : we represent the majority in the crypto world, so we are the ones that others make money on, by others I mean all those who don't rely on investing to earn money (devs, marketers, scammers etc.).

I had a chat the other day with an acquaintance on Telegram, a rich guy from what he showed me. He sent me 1k in btc on my wallet, like that without pressure!
He surely wanted to prove to me that he makes a lot of money, frankly I don't know. Maybe he wanted to show me that for him it was nothing, in short, for me it's huge...

I asked him off to tell me how he managed to make so much money, he ended up to told me that he was using a Pre-sale bot and it was earning him about 1k per day.

I did my little research and I found it :
It looks really not bad seen like that, the guy does not sell it that much expensive. He also offered me (if I buy it) to join a private Telegram group with all the other people who bought it, in which they share the good Pre-sales to Snipe and that's reassuring!

My question: have any of you ever used this kind of bot? Pre-sale / fair launch bot, is it effective?

Second question: Do you do anything other than pure investment to make money in Crypto?

Thank you for reading me and thank you in advance to all who will take the time to respond!
Aug 2020
To me this sounds like way to good to be true. I'd rather rely on trading or investing by myself. If you are looking for other options, you could try bounty campaigns or crypto freelace jobs.

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