A little help from a Noob


Nov 2021
A little frustrated here so please be kind. I started a little mining rig just to learn about it and WOW. I am out of my depth. I have done a lot of research which have answered some of my questions but I have hit a brick wall. I am using ethermine for ETH and have connected it to Metamask. So far so good. I have selected my network to use Polygon. Check. When I get a payout from ethermine I see the coin in Polygon. Now the problem. I have tried moving the coin from Metamask to Binance.us by copying the address from the binance.us deposit ETH link into both Metamask and Polygon (different transactions). I get confirmation from both of these sites but the ETH never shows up in my binance account.

I am at a lost. I have switched my Metamask network back to Ethereum Mainnet and when I get payout again I will try that. Also the binance.us website isn't the same as the one from Europe which is weird. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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